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Round 'Em Up

Previously on the Challenge: Three Road Rules teams won the very first competition. Hollywick let us know that she and Chadwick had doubled their chances of winning by getting married. Emily thought that having a married couple competing was "threatening to the rest of [them]" because it was an alliance that could not be broken. The RR Inner Circle voted Chadwick and Piggy off at the first opportunity. Chadwick acted like a dick about it. Even Stephen showed more grace. Hollywick felt that the vote was personal and a bad decision.

In an interview, Elka tells us that we are down to the last three teams on each side and the "elimination process is over." I guess when Becky left, she took her case of Montezuma's Revenge with her. Ah, I love a good poop joke. In an interview, Mike says that now they aren't worried about being eliminated, so all they have to worry about is getting that top spot. I'm still not sure why that matters, except maybe for winning prizes in each competition.

Over in the RR Villa, Emily, Hollywick, and Tara do some sort of aerobics dance routine. At first, I thought they were legitimately working out, but they are all wearing matching outfits and acting goofy, so I guess they're doing a routine of some sort. In an interview, Hollywick says that people think she only came there to win, but that she really wants to get something more out of the experience. She's also learned that it's "okay for [her] to suck at something." Well, it's good thing she learned that lesson, because she sucks a lot. The girls collapse laughing as Emily explains the purpose of their skit to Timmy. They must be really, really bored. Emily calls Timmy a "jive turkey," which I'm guessing is a reference to something that happened off-camera, although I do think it's just funny to call people "jive turkey" randomly, and plan to incorporate it into my daily life. In an interview, Tara says that they are all sick of the backstabbing and have made a conscious effort to be more of a team. Hollywick and Tara make one of those things out of folded paper where you pick a number and then move it around, and then pick another number, and then fold out part of the inside to see your fortune. What are those things called? ["Cootie catchers." -- Wing Chun] Chili's gets another shout out because the piece of paper says Chili's all over it. Between that thing, and making up routines, these women have officially reverted to the fifth grade. Hollywick and Emily joke about the fact that Hollywick is married, and that someone married her. Hollywick is actually, dare I say it, likeable in this segment. In an interview, Theo says that he's seen Hollywick laugh more in the past week than ever before, and that she's laughing "like her teeth are having seizures." Shut up, Theo.

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