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The last challenge is called "The Spine," and each team has to pick its best skater. RW picks Jamie and RR picks Christian. In an interview, Christian says that it's a lot of pressure on him. LL Cool J tries to get everyone pumped up.

Jamie the Stunt Coordinator explains the event: they have to go up this really steep ramp, and try to hit a spot on the wall with their blades. The higher the spot, the higher their points earned. Jamie goes first and gets eighty points. Christian follows, and also gets eighty. The score is still tied. Jamie goes again, but his skate slides off the side of the ramp and he only gets thirty points. Christian takes his last run and gets eighty quite easily. His team freaks out and piles on top of him. Ayanna says that seeing Christian get those points was "a true testament to how his personality is." I guess she means that his personality is high-flying. Or his personality is able to go up a ramp easily without falling off.

Kameelah says she's in "a state of disbelief" that her team lost. LL Cool J presents the RR team with their check, so they now have $10,000 total compared to the RW team's $40,000. John McTiernan resurfaces to announce that Christian is the MVP. Ayanna says that they were "the ballers [they] were born to be." Every time she opens her mouth, I just get more confused. Christian spins the wheel and ends up winning a Dreamcast with twenty-five games and an extra controller. Well, it's better than Jeep stuff, I guess. John McTiernan invites Christian to be an extra in the movie. In an interview, Christian says that he's happy that he could contribute to the victory. Aw, he looks so happy.

On the bus, Julie tells Rebecca that their team didn't come together. Rebecca says that she wants to win, but it's okay not to do so. Julie says that she doesn't want to have a strong start and then fail. Kameelah agrees. Julie says that she doesn't care about the other team's feelings because "they deserved it." Huh? What did they deserve? Losing? I don't get where that came from. Kameelah agrees with Julie. Rebecca says that she does care how the other team feels. Julie looks disgusted and puts her head down on the table.

Laterrian and Ayanna talk to Christian. Laterrian tells Christian that he is "the bright spot on the trip." Christian looks pleased. In an interview, Laterrian says that he has learned to let Christian's comments slide off his back, because Christian doesn't know any better, and Laterrian has learned to accept that. Laterrian says that Christian is teaching him Norwegian, and in return, Laterrian is teaching Christian "slang and jive." I have to comment that this is the first time I have heard the word "jive" used non-jokingly since I saw Airplane. Laterrian finishes up by saying that he may have made some judgments too soon. Christian says that he feels lucky to be with them, and he learns from them every day, just by who they are.

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