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While they walk, Christian asks Chris Klein what movies he's been in. Klein tells him about American Pie, and Christian says that he liked it. It is so sad to me that LL Cool J is getting so much more recognition. Not that I think he's chopped liver -- he is incredibly cool. But I thought Chris Klein would get more recognition than this. LL Cool J explains to Ayanna that his character in the movie doesn't actually rollerblade -- he drives a motorcycle instead. James calls LL Cool J "L," which is actually kind of funny, and then accepts a $20 from the producers for asking LL about the premise of the movie. I'm not going to repeat it here, because frankly, the movie looks incredibly stupid. I know it's a remake -- I just don't know why the remade it. While clips from the movie air, a disclaimer crawls across the bottom explaining that the movie contains violence and people should check the ratings before seeing it. Ah, how I love to see MTV covering its ass.

The teams meet with Frank, the Stunt Coordinator. In an interview, Julie explains that they'll be learning on an "awesome course." It looks like something straight out of Tony Hawk 2, with the ramps and the hills and all. The teams get into their pads so that they can try out the track. Interspersed with shots of the group getting dressed are shots of various stunt guys doing tricks. In an interview, Kameelah says that watching the tricks got her nervous, and that she hopes that she won't be expected to do what they're doing. In an interview, Julie thinks that they are going to kill themselves doing this. If only.

Frank asks for a volunteer to try out the track, and James steps up. He goes down a little ramp and immediately falls on his ass. He has trouble staying up, and looks like he's ice-skating rather than rollerblading. He stands up and says, "Never again, baby!" and then promptly falls down. Ha! That almost makes up for all of his whining about losing. Almost. We see shots of various teammates skating around. Emily tells us that practice makes perfect. Christian is whipping around. Laterrian tells us that Christian is "the man." Jamie is also doing well. In an interview, Dan says that he feels awesome about his team. Frank the Stunt Coordinator tells them to call it a day.

On the bus, Christian makes a comment that I can't quite make out, but it has something to do with the fact that he thinks he must have some African-American blood in him. Laterrian tells him that most black people would take that as an insult, since Christian apparently said that because he has a big nose and big lips. Michelle, Ayanna, and Emily are all sitting at the table, smoking. Laterrian explains that he's telling Christian that his statement was offensive so that he doesn't say it to Kameelah or Syrrhosis. In an interview, Laterrian says that normally he would have thrown Christian through the window, but he feels that he handled the situation well. And he did, I think. On the other bus, Dan is playing with his belly button, which creeps me out. He tells Julie that he likes winning, and then claims that the next mission will be "the most intense competition [they] do this whole time." I can't believe they didn't use that clip in the promos.

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