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Christian sits on the bus, while Emily massages his shoulders. Laterrian says that he didn't know Christian had a girlfriend. Laterrian wonders why Christian didn't drop this information "the other day," when Laterrian asked Christian about his "status." Christian claims that he must not have understood Laterrian's question at the time, and wonders whether Laterrian was "speaking jive at the moment." Emily really needs to pull Christian aside and explain why everyone looks all uncomfortable when Christian starts to talk about "speaking jive." In an interview, Laterrian says that he and Christian "butt heads." Ayanna is sitting nearby, eating a sandwich, and they showed this shot so that you get the impression that she was listening to the conversation, and that it annoyed her. In an interview, Ayanna says that any time someone has a "duality of language," there will be communication problems. I really don't remember her having such poor language skills on her season. Or maybe I didn't watch closely enough. But "duality of language"? I mean, really. It sounds like she's trying to seem smarter, when she would have been better off saying that Christian is bilingual, or speaks two languages. In an interview, Christian says that there's a "little wall" between him and Laterrian, because they are so different. We see some more confusing conversation between Laterrian and Christian on the bus, which ends with Laterrian saying that something is wrong with Christian.

The buses pull into a dirt parking lot, and there's sped up footage of the RW team gathering their things. The editors must be bored. Cut to a movie set, where John "Die Hard" McTiernan is shouting into a megaphone. The teams walk in, and Ayanna starts screaming. In an interview, she explains that she just walked onto a movie set. Yeah, we got that from all the product-placed banners and such they just showed for Rollerball. Kameelah spots LL Cool J casually leaning on a railing nearby, accompanied by Chris Klein. Ayanna starts freaking out. God, simmer! She's screaming and jumping around and pointing at LL Cool J, who is all of fifteen feet away from her. She acts like she's looking at the pandas at the zoo or something. Ayanna points out the stars to Laterrian, who also reacts very visibly. Um, they're right there! John McTiernan welcomes them, and he speaks like a cross between Dr. Evil and Alan Rickman. I wonder if Rickman's character in Die Hard was based on him? McTiernan asks LL and Chris to take the teams on a tour of the set. Chris Klein introduces himself around, and then explains that they'll be going to the practice facility where their training took place for the movie.

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