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Previously on the Challenge: More scenes that have never been shown before. Christian has trouble understanding Ayanna, and accuses her of speaking "jive," which would be somewhat offensive coming from anyone else. Christian falls while skiing, drops some water balloons while in the trees, and slides off the greased pole. Christian looks very sad while the Real World team celebrates raucously.

The RW team dances joyously in their bus. In an interview, Julie claims that she's not being cocky, but she doesn't think her team can possibly lose, ever. Which means that they will lose tonight. Rebecca and Dan dance together.

In contrast, over on the RR bus, things are very, very quiet. I'm surprised that they didn't resurrect the "crickets chirping" sound effect from last week. Someone's foot sticks out of an upper bunk. Emily says that her team cannot take another loss. Laterrian hates to lose. Ayanna flips through some papers and says that she "isn't going to say nothing." Why was that scene in there? What is she even talking about? Another shot of the random foot peeking out of the bunk. In an interview, Emily (who is looking very pretty) says that their team doesn't "feel like a group at all." Wouldn't it be great if they won the mission and then they all overcame their differences and became best friends forever? In an interview, Ayanna points out that they have lost three missions in a row (and didn't we see this clip last week?) and that they "can't blame anybody. Nobody slacked off. Nobody didn't not show up." Has she been taking elocution lessons from Tami from L.A.? Anyway, Ayanna feels that the reason they lost is that they "just weren't as good as them." It's kind of refreshing to see someone admit that, and not play the blame game. Both buses are in a parking lot somewhere. Christian sits outside in the sun. In an interview, he says that while there's not one reason for his team losing, he still feels like if he hadn't fallen off the greased pole, his team would have won. Aw, poor Christian.

Julie opens a door with a Canadian flag sticker on it, and announces that they have a clue. The person speaking on the clue says that on their next mission, they'll be "hanging with Mr. Cool," and then reminds Dan to "roll with it" and not "drop the ball." I totally didn't recognize the voice, but the on-screen graphic tells us that it was Flora from the Miami season. Dan looks shocked and stunned, and then it's dropped. As with the Devon-voiced clue, I wish there were some follow-up to that. How hard would it be, in Dan's next interview, to ask whether he was surprised to hear Flora's voice or something? I know Dan is a big drama queen, but the look on his face was priceless, and I'm sure he would have something interesting to say about Flora. Oh, I guess they didn't have time to show that footage since they had to show someone's foot hanging out of a bunk. Twice. Julie reads the letter that contains more information. They have to be at some factory by 9 AM, and are supposed to wear their "uniforms with long pants." I guess uniforms just means their colored shirts. Syrrhosis has the biggest, most gaudy silver chain around his neck.

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