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Rock You Like A...

Previously on the Challenge: Eric Nies wore a bucket hat to hide his receding hairline as he welcomed the teams to the Challenge. In an interview, Dan explained that after each mission, the top three teams from each show form the "Inner Circle," and have to pick one team from their own show to leave. The Road Rules Inner Circle included Chadwick's team and Scaryteeth's team, and people were upset that both members of a married couple were in the Inner Circle. Scaryteeth emphasized that Jisela was voted off her last show, so she wouldn't want to get voted off again. Chadwick's strategy was to vote off the biggest threat, which ended up being Yes and Veronica. Jisela vowed to break up the married couple.

The wind blows in Cabo San Lucas. Get used to it -- there's a lot of it in this episode. It's 7:30 AM. In an interview, Elka says that there was a lot of talk in the morning about a big hurricane approaching, although it may not hit them. Elka says that the wind is picking up, and the waves are getting bigger, so she's getting nervous. Norm and Lindsay go out for a walk on the beach and marvel at the size of the waves. Lindsay doesn't think that it's normal. Stephen's her partner, and she's worried over whether the waves are normal? She's got to readjust her priorities. Josh and Theo stand on the balcony and check out the waves, too. Everyone is looking at the waves. How thrilling. Unless someone is about to get swept out to sea, let's move on.

In an interview, Sean says that, given the chance, he would have done what the RR Inner Circle did: take out his toughest competitors. But, Sean points out, there has been a huge backlash on the RR side to Yes and Veronica getting voted out. In an interview, Jisela says that she almost started "falling out crying" this morning. Oh, for God's sack. She barely knows them! She's such a drama queen. London Mike tells Jisela that she needs to go make out with Chadwick. We see the Wicks (Holly and Chad) walking hand in hand towards the beach. In fact, I'm renaming Scaryteeth: she's Hollywick now. Hollywick and Chadwick. The Wicks, collectively. The tm on the Wicks goes to Philip, and I think the tm on Hollywick goes to Francesca_Fiore. Just wanted to make sure the forum posters get their props, because they are funny, funny people. In an interview, Jisela says that she doesn't want to be around people who stab each other in the back. Has she watched reality television before? Jisela tells Stephen, London Mike, and Miami Mike that if she gets to the Inner Circle, she will send one of the Wicks home. Jisela's thinking is that she wants competition at the end. Again, has she watched reality television before? You always get rid of the competition. Jisela tells Stephen that she heard that the Inner Circle almost sent ADDam and her home, and they should have, because now they've created an enemy in her. Stephen is laughing and laughing. Those two make a good couple -- they're both insane.

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