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Backstage, the boys ham it up. Eric asks the women, "Which one of your partner's personal habits gets under your skin the most?" Hollywick says that Theo burps in his sleep. Ew. That's kind of gross. Tara says that Dan is "always tripping." At first I thought she meant like on drugs, but I think she meant like falling down. Emily says that Timmy has really bad gas. I wonder if Theo and Dan still want to hook up with him. Kelley answers that Danny's fear of heights bugs her. Is that really a personal habit? Coral says that Mike's "various outbursts of renditions of rock songs" bothers her the most. Elka says that it grosses her out when Sean breaks out in hives, which he does a lot.

Eric asks: "Since your season, do you think that your partner has changed for the better, for the worse, or stayed freakishly the same?" Hollywick thinks Theo has changed for the better. Tara also thinks that Dan has changed for the better, and that she's proud of him. Emily says that Timmy is a freak, and always has been, so he's stayed freakishly the same. Kelley and Coral both think that their partners have changed for the better. Elka says that Sean was "a real dork on the show," so he's definitely changed for the better. Agreed on the first part; not sure about the second.

The guys come back. Mark asks the personal-habits question. Theo thinks his smoking bothers Hollywick. After Hollywick reveals the "burps in his sleep" answer, Mark asks if it's true. Theo confirms it. Dan thinks that his forgetfulness is annoying, which is wrong. Timmy thinks that his nose-picking is a problem, which is wrong. Danny thinks that Kelley hates it when he makes out with Paul in front of her; he's wrong. Mike jokes, "Everything?" In an interview, Coral says that it's not true. Coral shows her answer and smacks Mike in the head with her card. Sean thinks that his gas bothers Elka, but she reminds him about his hives.

Mark asks the question about whether they have changed for the better, the worse, or stayed the same. Theo says he's changed for the better, which is what Hollywick said. Dan thinks he's stayed the same, but Tara thinks he's better. Tim barks, "Freakishly the same," which matches Emily's answer. Danny thinks that he's the same, but Kelley thinks he's better. Mike thinks he's better, since he and Coral get along now, and Coral agrees. Sean thinks that he changed for the better, and so does Elka.

Mark reads the final question about hooking up. Theo says, "I probably didn't want to break this out, but I'm going to say Tim." Hollywick is happy to get it right. Dan answers, "Probably Sean." The fact that he and Tara both said guys -- and two different guys at that -- makes me think he's gay. Not that it matters. Timmy pretends to be sweating the fact that the other guys like him. Mark asks Dan why he chose Sean, and Dan says that he likes married men. Timmy jokes that he's going to say himself, which isn't what Emily said. Danny knows that Kelley said ADDam. Sean says that he's married, which we know, but he would say Kelley if pressed. Kelley is pleased. Elka, not so much, since she thought Sean would pick her. Mike knows that Coral said Tara. In an interview, Tim says that it's great watching Mike and Coral do so well.

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