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Mark reads the final question about the body repair shop. Hollywick says that she gets teased a lot about her big feet. Eric starts cracking up immediately, knowing how much trouble Theo is in. Seriously, if you didn't know, say something innocuous like "ears." Hollywick laughs and says, "He said tits, didn't he?" She grabs the card and starts whacking Theo with it, but she's still laughing about it. Hollywick looks embarrassed. Theo says that he read something about it on the internet. What? Hollywick gasps. In an interview, Hollywick says, "I won't be part of something that disrespects myself, Chadwick, and our marriage." How does that disrespect Chadwick or her marriage? I would think the sexual-partner thing would be more disrespectful. Hollywick gets up and walks away. She walks over to the beach and looks out at the ocean. What is her problem? Learn to take a joke. She should have said, "I love my breasts! Screw you, Theo!" and then been over it.

When we return from commercial, spooky music plays while Hollywick continues to pout, alone. Theo asks the other contestants whether his answer was that bad. Coral yells out that Theo should kill himself. Heh. In an interview, Theo says that Hollywick was gone for fifteen minutes, and that he didn't know where she was. Eric tries to get the game moving again. Tara thinks that Dan would say "ears," but he did not. Emily says that Timmy has teased her about her feet and toes since they day they met, so they get the points. Kelley says that Danny always teases her about her "flat ass." Danny reveals that he said stomach, and Kelley says that's what she would say herself. She was trying to guess what Danny would say. Coral answers, "My ass." Mike scrunches up his face. Coral says, "Wrong?" Mike reveals his answer, and Coral starts hitting him with the card, asking what's wrong with her stomach. In an interview, Kelley says that Mike and Coral are doing a great job, and acting like "an old couple that's been married for eighty years and hasn't had sex with each other in forty." Coral forgives Mike and hugs him. Elka answers, "I'm just going to go with boobs." Heh. It cracked me up how matter-of-factly she said that. Sean reveals that he said she wouldn't change anything, and Elka hugs him. Hollywick returns. In an interview, Theo says that Hollywick came back and apologized and said that everything was okay.

Now the men leave and the women answer questions. Mark asks them who their partner would hook up with out of all of the Challenge contestants. Hollywick answers that it would be Timmy. In an interview, Hollywick says that Theo told her that he had a crush on Timmy. I think he means a straight crush -- I don't think that Theo's gay. But maybe he is. Who knows? We see Timmy singing along to his headphones. Tara also answers that Dan would hook up with Timmy. And oddly, while I didn't think that Theo was gay, I could somehow believe that Dan is. I don't know why. Maybe it's the moustache. Emily answers that Timmy would hook up with Holly Not Wick. Kelley says that Danny would hook up with ADDam. Coral says that Mike would hook up with Tara. Elka thinks that Sean would hook up with her in a fantasy world. His fantasy world, I'm sure. Not hers.

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