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Backstage, the girls are taking group pictures. Mark reads the next question: "Your partner can count her number of sexual partners on (A) Five fingers or less; (B) two hands; or (C) There's not enough body parts to count on." After some deep thought and calculations (including whether or not Chadwick could kick his ass), Theo says that Hollywick will say A. Notice that he doesn't say that the actual answer is A. Nice equivocation there, Theo. Dan also answers A. Timmy says A. Danny says that it's B, and he knows it for a fact. Mike says A. Sean feels quite safe in saying A.

The final question is, "If you could bring your partner to a body repair shop, what would you have fixed?" Theo doesn't really want to answer. Eric thinks the question is cruel. Shut up, Eric. Theo says he heard that Hollywick would "like to have bigger chesticles," so he's going with breasts. Dan keeps making these goofy hand gestures while giving his answers, and he's kind of creeping me out. He answers that Tara would remove the tattoo on her toe. Timmy says that Emily would fix her toes. Danny thinks that Kelley would have her stomach fixed. Like gastric bypass surgery? Danny doesn't agree, but he says that Kelley thinks she has fat rolls. I would kill to have fat rolls like Kelley. Mike says that Coral doesn't complain about her body because she has "a very nice body," but somehow he comes up with the answer, "Her abs." Sean thinks it's an "evil and cruel question," so he answers that Elka wouldn't fix anything because she's perfect. Oh, come on. Every woman (and most men) could name one or two things that they would change. Although I guess if Sean doesn't know the answer, he's probably safest giving the answer he gave. In an interview, Theo says that Sean is more concerned with being a gentleman than he is about winning the game.

The women return. Eric reads the first question, about the name of their website. Hollywick answers, "Holly[wick]," which is kind of a dumb answer, since anyone who goes to the movies knows that it's already taken. Theo and Hollywick get no points. Tara answers, "," which is also incorrect. Emily answers, "" Timmy pretends that she got it wrong, and then shows her the right answer, and Emily claps and squeals. Kelley answers, "," and then thanks Danny for thinking she's a sex kitten. Coral answers, "," which is correct. Mike is psyched. Elka answers, ""

Eric reads the second question, about the number of sexual partners. Hollywick answers A and gets it right. Tara also answers A and also gets it right. Emily, ditto. Kelley hesitates, and then says that people assume things about her, so she's going to go with B, which is correct. Kelley says, "Oh, I'm a big whore! Yay!" Coral answers A, which is correct. Elka answers A, and Sean says, "Virginity has its privileges." I don't know if he was claiming that Elka was still a virgin at the time of filming, or just saying that since she was a virgin for so long, he knew she would be in the "five fingers or less" category.

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