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The RR team discusses team unity. They feel that the RW team has better unity, and that they need to strive for that. In an interview, Tara says that they need to work together as a team. Theo says something that makes no sense, and everyone nods, just to get him to shut up for a while.

The teams gather in the common room for dinner, and to learn about their next mission. In an interview, Coral says that it would be wonderful to win this one for Mike. Heh. They used that same footage in the last episode to make it look like Coral was saying that it would be great to win that mission, since it was Mike's birthday. Although I don't like Hollywick, I really like her hair in this scene.

The teams walk onto a stage two-by-two and sit down. Hey! Those are the same IKEA chairs that Doug used in the home theater room he designed on Trading Spaces! I wonder if they are comfy. Dan falls as he walks in, but I'm not sure if it was on purpose or as a joke. Mark and Eric walk up to a podium and welcome us to the competition, which will be a game show called "Sidekick Showdown." The competition is sponsored by Blockbuster. In an interview, Sean explains that the game is similar to The Newlywed Game, where you are tested on your knowledge of your partner. I played something similar in college called The Roommate Game. My roommate and I tried to work out all of our answers in advance, and we still lost. We suck. Anyway, Mark and Eric keep talking in the fake game-show-host voices and it's really annoying. Eric reads all of his parts from the notecards. In an interview, Mike says that some of the other teams have known each other a lot longer than he and Coral have, but that he's still going to give it his best shot.

The female members of the teams exit the stage and go into another area, where they listen to music on headphones so that they can't hear their partners' answers. Mark starts asking questions. Theo is up first. The question is, "If your partner had a website about themselves [sic], they would call it". Theo answers, "Holly[wick].com." Dan answers, "," because that's Tara's nickname. Timmy answers, "," because that's what Emily wants to do -- see the planet. They must have talked about it before, because there's no way he just came up with that. Although I checked; the domain is registered, and not by Emily. Danny answers, "," because Kelley is a sex kitten. Mike answers, "," for obvious reasons. Sean answers, "," because he calls his partner "Fucking Elka."

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