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Mike sits outside and stares at the ocean. Coral sits next to him and says that it's just a game, and not that big a deal. Coral puts an arm around Mike. In an interview, Coral talks again about how scary it was to see Mike like that. Coral tells Mike they could still win, and that they are in second out of the original thirty-two people. Coral says that she needs her partner at full strength. Coral starts rubbing Mike's head, and I think he passes out a little bit. In an interview, Coral says that she loves Mike and thinks that he's one of the greatest people she's ever met, and that she's proud of him. Coral keeps talking to Mike, who seems to be on the verge of passing out.

Mike talks to Tara. In an interview, Mike says that he was being "a real prick" at the dinner table, and that Tara had never seen that side of him. In an interview, Tara says she understands that Mike lost the car and had a bad day, but that she's also a little freaked out by his actions. Mike tells Elka, Timmy, and Coral that he's really sorry for the way he acted, and that he didn't mean to get that drunk. Coral tells him that it's okay and hugs him. In an interview, Timmy says that he doesn't know Mike that well, but apparently Mike takes things hard. Heh. Kelley tells Mike that she would be the mom who, if he came home drunk, would make him drink a few more shots so that he would get really sick. Or die of alcohol poisoning. You know, one or the other. In an interview, Kelley says that Mike has been "kicked so many times," and that he wants to win, just once. He's like Rocky. Except taller, blonder, and less Italian.

The next morning, Coral pokes Mike in the back to wake him up. Coral reads the Nokia phone. In an interview, Coral relates that the message told them to get all dressed up, but they don't know what the competition will be about. Coral makes her way to the bathroom with a sheet or something over her head. Mike sings a little song about "Coral's naked and she'll dance if she wants to." Coral laughs. In an interview, Mike says that he just woke up and feels great. Probably because Coral made him stay awake long enough to sober up a bit before he went to bed.

Actually, Mike sounds like he might still be a little drunk as he tells Tara that he usually tries to get himself psyched up before competitions, but this time he's really relaxed, so maybe that will help. Mike shows Tara that he has a blue stud in his tongue today, and Tara laughs. In an interview, Tara says that she thought there would be tension between them because of Mike's actions while he was drunk, but that everything is fine. Mike lies in a hammock and strokes Tara's hair. In an interview, Mike says that Tara taught him so much about himself, and that she makes him feel like a better person.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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