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Previously on the Challenge: Mike and Tara hooked up and he touched her boobie. Mike didn't know how to drive a standard, and he and Coral lost the competition for a Saturn. Mike's foot wasn't touching the ice, and he and Coral lost the competition for another Saturn. Mike was mad. Mike got drunk. Mike slipped into his "Miz" persona and started yelling at himself, and everyone else was frightened.

Sometimes I watch the opening credits and realize that this season has been going on so long that there are people I completely forgot were on the show. Like Yes. Or Jon Brennan.

Mike yells at Coral that there are only two missions left and that the Miz needs to come out. Coral tries to calm him down. Mike says he thought Coral would be the weak link on their team, but that Mike is the weak link. I thought Coral might get pissed off at that, but she's too busy trying to get Mike to calm down and come inside to worry about what he's actually saying. Mike keeps screaming and not making any sense. In an interview, Coral says that it's "a little scary." Coral just keeps agreeing with everything Mike says, and finally gets him calmed down. Instead of yelling at himself for screwing up in the past, now he's just bragging that he's going to do well in the future.

Mike and Coral walk toward the villas. When they get close, Mike starts getting all fired up. Coral stops him and says that she's not going to go inside with him unless he calms down. Mike keeps babbling, and Coral puts a hand on his chest and tells him to stop. He does. She puts her glasses on her head so that she can look in his eyes, and says that there are other people in there who don't know Mike like she does, so "no more Miz before dinner." Coral is going to be a great mom. She's a hard-ass. Mike agrees, and adds that if Theo and Timmy start talking, he's going to kill them.

Mike and Coral walk inside, where everyone else is eating dinner. Mike joins them at the table, drink in hand. Someone cut him off! He clearly doesn't need any more to drink. Mike drunkenly stares at Theo and Timmy. Theo seems to be grouchy, but Timmy is just eating his dinner. Theo says that they are just trying to make conversation, but it's not going very well. In an interview, Theo says that Mike is acting like a dope. Theo's the expert on that. In an interview, Tara says that hanging out with the Miz is frustrating. In an interview, Timmy says that Mike is a prime example of "don't wallow your sorrows in the bottom of a bottle." Timmy's white mock turtleneck is starting to get on my nerves. Coral tells the table at large just to leave Mike alone. Emily points out that Mike is a grown man, and that she's not going to bite her tongue just because he got drunk. Well, she shouldn't, but then again, it's probably not very productive to start an argument with him in his current state. Coral is kind of borderline enabling him, though. In an interview, Emily says she doesn't understand the Miz, and she doesn't want to.

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