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Race To The Finish

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Race To The Finish

Previously on the Challenge: the RR team lost a lot, and James didn't like it. That pretty much sums up the season, doesn't it?

James and Rebecca walk through a parking lot. Are they still together? This storyline has totally been ignored for the past five episodes or so. And suddenly it's back. I guess they wanted us to have closure or something. James tells Rebecca that she doesn't understand, and Rebecca replies that she does. In an interview, Rebecca says that when she first started hanging out with James, he was "so funny," but now he's become "sullen" and "jaded." James tells Rebecca that "it doesn't get any better," and they argue about that. In an interview, Rebecca says that she tries to help him, but he thinks she doesn't know what it's like because her team is winning. Yeah, because I'm sure Rebecca has never had any failures in her life. It's all been smooth sailing. James is such a baby. In an interview, James says that he doesn't want to hear apologies, and he doesn't want to talk to Rebecca or his team. I think James is crying. In an interview, James says that he cares for Rebecca, but that "winning is winning," and that "this last competition belongs to [his team]." You'd think he would learn to stop making pronouncements like that.

The teams are in an airport somewhere. I guess they're still in New York City. In an interview, Syrus tells us that they're going "back to California, baby!" Syrus does a little dance in celebration. I wonder how they will get to California from New York? Will they drive? Oh, thank God they showed us an airplane taking off. Otherwise I wouldn't have figured it out. They cut footage of Syrus dancing into the travel footage, which was funny. After all this, I kind of like Syrus. At least he doesn't take things so seriously. Of course, I wonder what his attitude would be like if his team was losing. The Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign tell us that they're back in California.

Each team drives in a van on some highway. The RR team realizes that the RW team van is ahead of them, and they pass them. They all get psyched. That's kind of like on long car trips, my brother and I used to pretend that we were in a giant car race, and we would try to get my dad to pass people so we could "win." He usually didn't. But I was, like, five years old. I think I'm over it now. After passing the other team, Christian pronounces their "psychological advantage" is "huge." Whatever. I'm just glad James isn't crying anymore. In an interview, James say that he's "sick and tired of losing." Really? I thought James enjoyed losing. We get a little montage of James's greatest moments -- telling his team that it's "time to play dirty," and urging them to "go big or go home." Because that motivation has worked so well for them thus far. In an interview, Syrus says that he's not going to let his team lose, and that he's going to lead them to victory. Then he sings a little victory song. No, really, he does.

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