Real World - Road Rules Challenge
Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

Piggy tells us that her team was so good at the "pig eating," and Yes tells us that they have tied it up. Dan says the "trash-talking will always be there," but they "showed a few people up today." The RR team is awarded their ten thousand E*Trade Dollars, as Annoying says she is "looking at the pie fiasco," and then declares it to be "cheating! Cheating! Wrong!" while Teck stands next to her and ignores her. Both teams now have $30,000. Are they ever going to show us anything more about how the teams are investing the money, and whether they are making profitable investments, or anything? They make such a big deal about them being E*Trade dollars, and yet they don't talk about the investing part much.

On the bus, Yes conducts a post-mortem by saying that Kat "choked on the pigs' feet [event]," and also in her mud-pit jump, and that Teck choked as well. Los theorizes that all that "bitching and moaning" must have "pulled them out of their game." Yes admits that he was putting his pie on the floor and Los says he was "spitting it out." Yes says the RW team was doing the same thing, though. Dan says that he doesn't think that they finished five pies, but Yes says the other team didn't finish three. Yes then says it's "so tight" that they won the last two missions, and that now the RW team knows what it feels like to lose two in a row. I don't know why it doesn't annoy me to see Yes gloat, but it does annoy me to see Annoying gloat. Oh yeah. It's because I hate Annoying.

Over on the RW bus, things are a little less jovial. Annoying is still complaining that she only got a 4 on her mud flop. David says she landed "knees first" and Annoying says, "Whatever!". Heather starts babbling about how hard it is to earn $10,000 in a real job and how they will all regret it if they lose this money. David says they are supposed to have fun, but they "gotta represent when it comes to competition". Annoying jokes that she told Teck they were going to start "conditioning." David says it's not about conditioning, but that they have to execute instead of talking about getting screwed because they "lost by a lot." Heather agrees. Someone says that it's over and in the past, but Heather says the last mission was supposed to be in the past, and they carried it over into this one anyway. Kat tells us that people are "being a little hard on Amaya," and she might be "becoming the scapegoat." Annoying says they "must move on" and "what does not kill us, makes us stronger," and then she looks out the window real hard.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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