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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

Los gets some advice from the team coach to "get a good look" before diving in, and he ends up with five. Teck gets a big cheer from the crowd but ends up with only two pigs' feet. Piggy practically dives into the tank and ends up with five. The RW team has some serious catching up to do. Holly also gets five, and Heather (for all her tough talk) gets three. Who's falling down on the job now? Dan ends up with five. Kat has some trouble, and Teck advises her to "get the toe, baby, get the toe." She ends up with only one. The score is now RW 20, RR 33. Annoying is the last one to go, of course, so she can make a big production number out of it. She says that she'll do anything for her team and then says, "God forgive me." What. Ever. Kat says she "really respects" Annoying for this because she knows "how hard it is for her." After all the drama. Annoying ends up with four, which is pretty respectable. As soon as the whistle blows, she runs off to throw up. David follows her and she is crying and saying it's "against [her] religion" while David just laughs at her and apologizes, then leaves her alone to crouch dramatically at the edge of the woods.

The score is now RW 24, RR 33. The teams gather to strategize for the next event. David tells Annoying she did well. Annoying says she is going to "talk to somebody" because it's "against [her] religion." Yeah, we got that the first THOUSAND times you said it. Shut up, Annoying. Heather tells her that she doesn't eat pork or chicken, and she did it. Annoying doesn't care, because it's about RELIGION! Maybe if Annoying says it a few more times, it will be true. The RR team is discussing the next event and their need to go "balls out." The RW team tries to do the same, but people are still bitching about the pies and religion and shit. David says that they "got screwed" but that there's nothing they can do about it now, and Kat urges them to "bring the focus back."

The announcer tells us that the next event is "the nastiest" and it's called "the Mud Pit Belly Flop." He also says, "The bigger the smack, the more the score," and that the judging is on a scale of 1 to 5. There are two judges, so the total potential score is 10. You know, I don't think this event is as nasty as bobbing for raw pigs' feet. Veronica seeks clarification on the scoring, and finds out they will be judged on "form, splash and smack," smack being "the pop it makes when you hit the water." Veronica tells us she's going to jump into some "skanky-ass mud" even though she'd much rather "take a mud bath and get massages and stuff." Veronica's jump is actually really good, but I think she suffers for going first and gets an 8. Annoying is up next, and she practically trips and lands knees first, earning a 4, which she proclaims is "crap." Piggy goes next and does more of a dive than a flop, generating little smack, and gets a 4. Kat lands on her feet almost and gets a 2. Los tries to do a flip sort of thing but he doesn't commit and ends up with a 4. David gets some serious air time and nearly loses his pants in the process, earning a 10 AND an instant reply. Yes goes next, and also earns a 10, but I didn't think his was as good as David's. He also gets an instant replay. Teck strips down to his underwear and, as the crowd chants his name, jumps in, and then hugs a fan standing nearby, getting her all muddy too. He gets a 10, probably out of pity. Holly's jump is good but nothing special and earns her a 9. Heather tells us to "bank on it" again, and that phrase is getting so tired, but she also earns a 9. Dan yells something unintelligible before his jump, and ends up with a 10, and then he pulls a bunch of spectators into the pit as well. Mike does a decent jump, but I think the judges got caught up in the moment and give him a 10. Heather jumps into the mud to congratulate him, and soon everyone is celebrating in the mud pit. The final score is RR 78, RW 69.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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