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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

Finally, they move on. The next competition is "bobbing for pigs' feet." Los gets clarification from his coach on whether it's "pig's meat" or "pigs' feet". Piggy says she can do it because she's "big on bobbing." Again, insert your own joke here. You guys don't even need me anymore, do you? This show practically writes its own recap. Annoying claims that pigs' feet are "not going in [her] mouth" because it's "against her religion" and she's "not throwing away [her] whole life." Heather tells us that nobody cares if you don't eat meat, or are afraid of heights, but that you do what you have to do to win and "deal with the details later on." We see a shot of Kat wiping off Annoying's neck for some reason. Teck tells us that Annoying should "just chill out! Go with the flow, Amaya!" Annoying claims (while Kat continues to wipe the pie off her chin) that it will make her "sick in [her] stomach and sick in [her] heart." Heather says that Annoying's attitude, "that whimpering, that crying, is aggravating to the whole team." Yeah, and I've had to deal with it since last June. Every week. Thanks for reminding me.

The announcer says that each team member has thirty seconds to bob for "uncooked, untreated" pigs' feet. Hi, I'm trichinosis and I'll be visiting them all very, very soon. Annoying takes her protest to the officials, who tell her that she doesn't have to do it, but that if she doesn't, her team will forfeit the points. David tells Annoying to do it, but Kat says, "She's Jewish!" Wait, she has to tell the people she has been spending twenty-four hours a day with for the last few weeks that she is so fundamentally Jewish that she follows dietary restrictions? Wouldn't this have come up already? David points out that he doesn't see Annoying "in synagogue every Saturday." Kat says she likes and respects Annoying and that they are friends, so Kat is not going to make any apologies for her. David calls a team huddle and gives everyone a pep talk that sounds more like he is yelling at them, and essentially tells Annoying she's going to do it. The pigs' feet get dropped into the tank, and they look really gross. Kat hugs Annoying to try to comfort her. Frankly, I would much rather bob for pigs' feet than bungee-jump from that tower from the first episode of the season. The teams get one point for each foot retrieved. David says he wants to see six points from each team member. David is scaring me a little bit.

Yes goes first and gets four. Annoying watches with her hand over her mouth like she's going to yak. The last foot was retrieved while the whistle blew and Teck starts screaming, "That don't count! That don't count!" Veronica tells him not to be "so angry and bitter and mad." Next up is Mike, who gets two. Annoying draws more attention to herself by shielding her eyes and muttering, "Oh my God!" Veronica is up next and also gets two. The water is looking cloudy, which you would think would be a disadvantage. I would request fresh water, I think. David goes next, and he has his overalls pulled down to his waist. They slide down while he is bobbing, so that he ends up standing there in his hugely blueberry-stained underwear. He ends up with four and the score is tied at 13-all.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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