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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

Next up is the pie-eating contest. Each team member has to eat a pie while his or her hands are tied behind his or her back. Annoying notes that this was a "Brady Bunch episode." Teck does disgusting things to the pie with his tongue and Annoying tells him to cut it out. I never thought I would agree with Annoying, but there it is. Yes tells his teammates to not bother eating the whole pie, but to just mess it up so that there is no pie left in the tin, and their coach agrees. The announcer says that pie on the table does not count as eaten. Yes tells his teammates to "keep the same game plan," but Veronica doesn't want to since pie on the table won't count. Piggy says she doesn't even like pie. Do with that what you will. I got tired of the "pie as female anatomy" jokes about five minutes ago. Actually, I got tired of them while American Pie was still in theaters. Leave it to MTV to resurrect a nearly year-old-joke. Annoying is thinking of "the sausage [she] had for breakfast" and Mike says, "Don't think of that." Again, there are anatomy jokes to be made here, but you'll have to do it yourself.

The pie-eating contest is about the grossest thing I have ever seen. David puts his entire face into the pie. After a minute or so, everyone looks completely sick. Some of the girls are taking dainty bites out of the pie, as if that's going to work. The judges say that Heather is finished first, and hold up her clean pie tin. The RR coach notes that David has flipped his pie out of the pan and is eating it off the table, so he advises his team to follow suit. They do. Heather admonishes her team by saying she "ate the same shit y'all ate for breakfast." David is still gross. Yes is just pushing the stuff around with his nose, and he starts pushing it off the table and onto the floor. Heather cheers David on, and he also pushes some pie onto the floor, although it might not have been on purpose. Time is finally up, and as Yes and Veronica get up, we see large piles of uneaten pie underneath the table where they were sitting. The judges tally up the scores. The RW team gets 3 and the RR team gets 5. Heather protests that the RR team shouldn't get 5 because their pie is "piled all over the table." Annoying wastes a perfectly good pie by walking up and flipping it over to demonstrate what the RR team did. David says it was rigged. Heather starts chasing down officials because she is unhappy with the resulting score.

Mike tells the official that his team had two pies completely done and the other team had none, so he doesn't see why they won. The official says that they all flipped the pies over. Mike (and other teammates chime in here) claims they did that afterward. Annoying says that the RR team's pie is all over the table which does not equal "an eaten pie." Yes says there was "plenty of pie down David's overalls too" which makes you wonder how he knew what was down David's overalls. David says that the other team "ain't even happy because they knew it was bullcrap". We hear Veronica offscreen telling Annoying to stop talking shit. David gets involved to tell Veronica it's not about her and his team "won the [bleep]ing match". Veronica says she's "not here to fight" and David says he "wants the 10 Gs and that's that" and that it "ain't nothing personal, Veronica." Note how quickly Veronica backs down when David takes her on, yet she will talk shit about Annoying all day long. Yes points out that there is pie left on both tables, and that the ref is not biased, even though he "did not exactly go by the rules exactly" but he used "the same criteria in judging us both." David eventually shakes hands with the RR team men and the score is tied at 7-all.

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