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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

It's suddenly the next morning and there is a dog on one of the buses. Is it a stray? Does it belong to someone? These are questions that will never be answered. David tells us that sometimes you "wake up in the morning like you're gonna win" and he "felt that today." David is also wearing a ridiculous outfit, consisting of overalls, a really ugly kind of henley-collar-style shirt and a newsboy cap. Behind him, there is a paper plate stuck to the tree that is a note to Teck to "get to Buckeye Park ASAP." Did Teck disappear again or something? Is Heather going to beat him up in the parking lot again? These are also questions that will never be answered. Piggy says that she thinks her team will win because she doesn't think "Amaya likes getting her nails dirty." Annoying tells us she is "very confident today."

The buses pull into the park as the announcer welcomes everyone to the Dublin Redneck Games. David has "a very vague idea what Redneck Games are" and he's "thinking pigs". Teck says he hasn't had many "good experiences with rednecks," and that he hopes the games don't involve "hanging us from a tree." Some girls in the crowd scream, "We love you, Teck!" and they show a shot of Teck blowing a kiss, except he looks like he's still in drag, and actually resembles a young Diana Ross. That was weird.

The announcer invites everyone over to the "greasy pig relay." Teck says he "ain't scared of no pig." Heather, on the other hand, tells us she hates pigs and that she's "never seen a pig up that close before." Mike informs us that he has a lot of experience with greasy pigs because "that's what alcohol will do to you." Like, ha ha. Not. Stupid frat boy. The competition requires each team member to catch a greased pig and put it into a small pen in the corner. The RW team's coach tells them to corner the pig and just jump on it, because "he ain't gonna hurt ya." Annoying looks kind of doubtful. The RR team coach tells them to go for "the back legs."

Teck and Los go first, and Teck uses the back-legs trick to get his pig first. Next is Annoying vs. Holly, and Holly gets the win. The next pair is Kat and Piggy, I think. It's Kat and someone, but Kat wins and they barely showed her opponent. Kat tells us they are "feeling pumped today." Next, Veronica surprisingly beats Heather and then Mike beats out Yes. In the final pairing, David beats out Dan by literally seconds, so the RW team wins that part of the competition 4 to 2. Heather tells us that we can "bank on" them winning the "10 G." Dan tells us that his team will come back, but he sounds kind of discouraged. Buck up, Dan! Veronica tells us she has "mud and lard and pig's hair stuck in between her fingers," and that she's "shaking because [she feels] so disgusting right now." Welcome to my Monday night nightmare, Veronica. Now you know how I feel every week.

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