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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

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Pork Sausage Comes from Cows, Right?

Previously on Challenge 2000: Annoying complained to Kat that she hated how smug the Road Rules team was after winning two missions. Heather (in a clip that had never been shown previously) said that when someone cries, whines and gets injured every mission (like Annoying), after a while you are just like "Man, come on." Heather, I feel your pain.

Annoying is talking to a trucker on a CB radio. She affects a really terrible Southern accent and asks the trucker what he's doing. The trucker says he's "looking for someone to show [him] some hooters." Even though during her time in Hawaii, Annoying claimed to be offended by the restaurant "Hooters" and all talk of hooters in general, she tells the trucker she has some "large ones" on her "turnip truck." An interview clip is interjected with Teck saying "She's all about the drama." Gee, I only figured that out after recapping ONE episode of Real World Hawaii. Annoying tells the trucker she's a "really big girl" and the trucker says he's about "245, 248 pounds" (like that three pounds makes any difference). Someone starts screaming with laughter in the background. David tells us he "wouldn't call it drama" but instead he would "call it comedy." The trucker wants to find a place for them to "get off [the highway] and meet," but Annoying says she "already got off, my darling." Kat tells us that "it's safe to say Amaya relates better to men than women." Why are they all telling us things we already know? Oh, that's right -- because Bunim-Murray thinks the audience is a bunch of idiots. The trucker pulls up alongside their bus and sees Annoying and laughs. Heather tells us that "every time something is going on, [Amaya's] in the middle of it." The trucker says "tally-ho," and Annoying says "Bye bye!" I hope they are out of the south soon so that she can permanently retire that stupid Southern accent.

The team enters the "Pinetucky Campgrounds," and Heather B. bounds off the bus screaming, "It's a clue! It's a clue!" Heather might want to go with Annoying to find sports bras for larger-chested women. Maybe she wasn't planning on running though, and just got caught up in the moment. There are a bunch of pairs of denim overalls hanging on a clothesline with a big envelope that says "CLUE" hanging in the center. Yes starts checking out the overalls (which are embroidered with the Challenge 2000 logo). Heather and Teck read the clue, which tells them to be at Buckeye Park by noon the next day. Mike tells us they are going to be doing "something with pigs." Heather continues to read: "Make sure to wear your overalls." Piggy tells us that it "sounds like rip-roaring fun," and that there might be "country music in the background," and they will "get to say 'Yee-haw' a lot." At least they're not perpetuating stereotypes of the Southern United States much.

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