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Playing The Game

Previously on Inferno III: Shut up, Papa Roach. Also: The GGs handled their log better than the BAs, and Susie and Jenn were voted into the Inferno. The opening credits manage to get dumber by the week. The show's only a half-hour, can we maybe not waste eight minutes watching Paula and Davis pretend to be scary? This week begins with the respective female factions from the BAs and GGs getting their scheme on. Jenn is all fired up to take Susie out, but Janelle interviews about maybe throwing Jenn the Life Shield so she could throw in "one of our girls," i.e. Ev. Susie, meanwhile, embarks upon an episode-long journey of self-preservation as she lobbies Colie and Paula to suck at the challenge (...more than they already would) so she can win the Life Shield and send in Rachel. The rest of the team (represented, as always, by Alton and Timmy) seems more-or-less okay with this, and they all kind of bulldoze Rachel with talk of how awesome she is and how she'll totally cream whoever she faces. Alton, the warrior-king, of course compares it to Iraq. Of course Alton would go there. Rachel, for her part, tells us it's all about honor, this game show where people drink 'til they're sick and have their pubes blurred out in post-production.

Side note, apropos of nothing: in these latest interviews, Danny looks like he's got herpes on his upper lip. Foreshadowing a Tonya hookup? Or is his face choosing to destroy itself rather than be a part of him for one more day? Stay tuned!

This week's challenge is typically convoluted and also apparently WAY too difficult. The challenge producers on this show are perhaps the laziest people in all of television, I swear to God. Every season it's like this. Either way too easy or way too hard; requiring no real skills on the part of the competitors; loopholes in the rules out to here, to the point where TJ Lavin has to make them up on the fly and then use his fists to maintain order in the aftermath...the only people I could imagine producing a competition this bush league are actually on the show now, which makes this something of a Möbius strip, does it not? Anyhoo...the challenge. There's a beam suspended high above Way The Fuck Down There Canyon, and one guy and one girl start off at opposite ends, connected by a length of rope. While keeping the rope taut enough that it doesn't touch the beam, the guy needs to cross over to where the girl is. The upshot is that the girl needs to do a hell of a lot of twirling, wrapping the rope around her, and then retreating with the guy in tow. See? Stupid. And nobody can do it! That's the best part. Either the rope ends up touching the beam or -- more often -- the teams run afoul of the ten-minute time limit. Or, in Aneesa and Kenny's case, they just flat-out give up.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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