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Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

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Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

At some point later, David tells us that not smoking is really not fun. While sitting in the bus, he tells Teck how he wants one, and points out that smoking is about moments for him, but that he will make it. Mike says that David is "a strong-minded guy, and also a smart guy, and he knows if he picks up a cigarette and loses $6000, Heather's going to knock him straight into the ground." So true.

Night falls and Heather B. tells a cameraman that Piggy is smoking and they need to catch it on tape. Heather tells us, "Piggy walks by me with a cigarette in her hand, just giggling and laughing, and I'm like 'Dang, you just playing me out, right in front of my face!'" The camera catches Piggy smoking. Piggy is the least sneaky smoker ever. Maybe she subconsciously wanted to get caught so that she could end this charade. Sorry, I got all psychoanalytic on your ass there. Piggy gets mad and walks off. The camera follows her into the bathroom, and Piggy freaks out and says they shouldn't be in there. She's right! They already got footage of her smoking -- what else do they need? Teck says that this is war. Piggy goes back on her bus and tells everyone that Heather ratted on her. Heather says she's tired of being nice. I love Heather, but when was she nice? Kat says she's glad that Heather is on her team, because she would be scared of her otherwise. Los says he knew Piggy wouldn't make it. Piggy asks Yes if he would rat her out, and Yes says no. Hee! Yes says no. Heather says it's business, and not personal, and that she wasn't doing this to Piggy -- she was doing it to the other team.

Unfortunately, my tape cut out here, so I didn't get to see what happens next week, or the credits. I did got to MTV's website and watch the previews, and although it's hard to tell from a postage-stamp-sized video, it looked like they were going to be wrestling midgets. Veronica will fit right in. Also, one of the midgets they wrestle is Mini-Me from Austin Powers 2. How very 1999.

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