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Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

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Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

Amaya is being attended to by emergency technicians. She's wearing an oxygen mask as she is loaded into an ambulance. Kat gets in and hugs her legs, crying because she thought she "broke Amaya." Amaya is feeling better, and the EMT tells her to try breathing without the oxygen mask. Amaya says, "All the smoke came in and I was choking on it and I couldn't breathe." In case you didn't get that when she yelled out that she couldn't breathe while there was smoke in her face. Kat helps Amaya out of the ambulance. Amaya laughs about her shirt, because they had to cut the sleeves off to take her blood pressure. Kat tells her it's "bad '80s." Heather gets in Amaya's face and jokingly tells her to "suck it up" and then hugs her. Heather hugs Kat too and tells them that she would've slapped them if they cried. Who rocks the house? Heather B. rocks the house. And when she rocks the house, she rocks it all night long.

Teck is getting naked, while all the girls in the bleachers scream. He tells us he loves the attention. I never would have guessed that Teck loves attention. Teck throws his clothes to his fans. David laughs about the "little white girls going goo-goo eyed over crazy brother in boxer shorts." Some girls ask for Dan's T-shirt, and he throws it to them. Watch for it on eBay soon. The Real World team is officially declared the winner, and they are awarded their ten thousand E*Trade dollars.

Back on the bus, both teams receive a clue from the "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids." Holly reads some facts about smokers to her team. Maybe I'm just projecting here, but she seemed quite sanctimonious about the whole thing. The deal is that each team gets $6000 if the entire team can stay smoke-free for the rest of the trip. If any cast member is caught smoking, his or her team is disqualified. I've already discussed my feelings about how misguided this attempt is in the forums, so go on over there and join the conversation.

Piggy is the only smoker on the Road Rules team, and everyone encourages her to quit. Piggy says that David must be freaking out. Cut to David, who is talking about how ridiculous it is to smoke, and how he will definitely quit. Back to Piggy, who is freaking out. She thinks it's mean because it's her life and her decision about smoking. Her team says that they will help her out. Piggy talks about how hard addiction is, and that she's ashamed that she smokes, and then says she doesn't want to discuss it. Los pipes in, "Can we talk about the money now?" Piggy snaps, "Can we talk about you shutting the [bleep] up?" Piggy can't believe they are doing this to her. Los says that her team didn't do it -- it's the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids." Nobody likes a smart-ass, Los. On the Real World bus, the mood is much different. Everyone is happy and bonding. Piggy asks to think about it. Veronica asks her not to smoke while she's considering it.

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