Real World - Road Rules Challenge
Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

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Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

The teams are announced, and they are: Mike and David, Teck and Heather, and Kat and Amaya. For the Road Rules team, it's Los and Piggy, Veronica and Yes, and Holly and Dan. Veronica tells us that she can't be the driver because her feet won't reach the pedals. What is she, a midget? How could her feet not reach the pedals?

Veronica wants to paint happy faces and stars and flowers on their car, so that it will be "the flowermobile." Yes tells her that there's "nothing vicious about the flowermobile." They all paint their cars. Some guy tells David to go for the opponents' tires. Yes takes spray paint and tags the other cars. Heather notices it and yells at Mike for not watching his car. Then she sees that her own car got tagged as well and paints over it. The sun sets.

The crowd is really small. In my hometown, the night of the demolition derby, the grandstands are just packed! I realize how incredibly sad that sounds. There are also cheerleaders there. The hell? The cheerleaders better watch out for flying metal! I speak from experience here, people. Sonya gives them the rules: Stay in the car, wear your helmets and goggles at all times, and a checkered flag means it's over. The winner is the last car moving.

Dan and Holly tell us they want to take home the money. Piggy is scared. Teck jumps out of his car in a clear violation of the rules, and starts a paint fight. Soon everyone is running around squirting each other with paint. I couldn't tell who was who, because of the helmets.

The cars start. Teck and Heather take out Los and Piggy first. Kat and Amaya go after Dan and Holly. We see a shot of Amaya going, "Kill, kill, kill!" Dan ends up driving up onto the barrier while trying to escape. Yes and Veronica go after Teck and Heather. Dan manages to get the car off the barrier, so he and Holly are back in the game. Dan and Holly hit Mike and David really hard. Mike tells David to hit them again, and David says really seriously, "I'm going to kill them right now!" He pushes Dan and Holly's car up onto a mound of tires. Kat and Amaya hit Yes and Veronica, and sparks fly as Yes and Veronica's car dies. Dan and Holly make another miraculous recovery, and get loose from the tires. The remaining Real World cars tag team Dan and Holly. Dan overheats the car, so the Road Rules team is out. Smoke pours into Kat and Amaya's car. Amaya yells that she can't breathe, although if she really couldn't breathe, then she wouldn't be able to yell, now would she? Kat tells her to get out of the car, and says there's so much smoke that she can't even see Amaya sitting next to her. Teck goes and helps Amaya out. A townie says they need an ambulance as Amaya crumples to the ground.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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