Real World - Road Rules Challenge
Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

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Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

David opens up the clue and everyone gathers around to listen. Gladys tells them, "It's a hit or miss with this one. On your mark, get set, crash!" Veronica reads the enclosed flyer which tells them to go to a fairgrounds in Tennessee. Veronica shows why she nearly flunked out of the Semester at Sea by saying, "Where's Tennessee?" Someone replies, "In the middle." Good thing these guys have bus drivers.

While traveling, the teams decide to start investing their E*Trade dollars. Yes puts $2500 into General Mills. Mike explains the stock market to us. Thanks, Mike. Heather pulls a Warren Buffett and suggests investing in things that they buy, or that they know people buy. For example, everyone is always trying to lose weight, so they should invest in Slim-Fast. That's not a terrible investment strategy. It's better than picking stocks out of thin air. Yes and Kat place the orders for their teams. Heather hopes they win some more money soon, because it goes very quickly.

Holly informs us that we are in Nashville. Mike notices that the women of the Real World team are all made up. Heather explains that it's "gangsta wear." In case you're wondering what "gangsta wear" looks like, in Amaya's case it means making tiny braids in your hair, and then putting a bandanna over the top, while applying lots and lots of lipstick. Kat says that the clue referred to crashing, and that she hopes the mission has something to do with racing cars. Mike says Amaya looks great in her "gangsta wear." Hmm, potential hook-up on the horizon? Only time will tell. Heather tells her team that it's war time. She tells us that she had a business partner who stole money from her, and she had to close her business, so she doesn't want to trust others with her life and career again. Do you think this could be a problem on this trip? The Real World team starts dancing and singing along with a song that goes, "Kill their head and their bodies shall die." The Road Rules team is just hanging out quietly. Holly says that their team unity is "a little more low-key, little more mellow" and that the Real World team unity is "very visible and very loud." Heather finishes their little pep rally by yelling, "Let's just kill!"

The two teams meet with Sonya, who explains their mission. They are going to be competing against one another in a demolition derby. She shows them their cars, and explains that each car will have a driver and a passenger. The passenger gets a water gun filled with paint to use to distract the other drivers. Each driver should protect the front end of his car. I have had friends who were in demolition derbies (yes, I am from a small town, why do you ask?) and I can attest that the best strategy is to drive around in reverse so you don't have impact with your front end, since that's where the engine is. Unless you are driving an old Volkswagen, in which case you don't have a chance in hell anyway. Sonya tells the teams that they get to paint their helmets and cars.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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