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Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

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Pinky and Fonzie Have Got Nothing on Kat and Amaya

The show opens in Las Vegas, presumably the day after the bungee jumping took place in the previous episode. We see establishing shots of the Las Vegas skyline, and then Niketown. The teams are meeting Roy Jones, Jr., and a box on the screen informs us that he is the Junior Light Heavyweight World Champion. It's a good thing, too, because when it comes to boxers, I recognize about two by sight alone: Mike Tyson and Rocky Balboa. David looks way too excited to be meeting this guy, not to mention that he's wearing that stupid cowboy hat. Given what I've heard about David's personal hygiene, I'm guessing the hat will be covering up his greasy hair a lot this season. Yes tells us that Roy Jones could knock out anyone on the planet. Even Rocky Balboa? And I'm not talking fat and happy Rocky V Rocky Balboa, I'm talking lean and hungry original Rocky Rocky Balboa. But I digress.

The teams are given a bunch of new clothes, and they are even embroidered with the team members' names! Veronica says she would "never say no to clothes, so bring it on!" I'm guessing there's a lot of things that Veronica would never say no to, but I'm catty like that. Roy Jones informs the teams that he has a clue for them, but in order to get it, one of them will have to face him in the boxing ring. He clarifies that it only needs to be one person, not one per team, and that it will be (in Mike's words) "regular gloves boxing." In case we didn't get all that, Yes explains the terms to us again. I think Yes is the narrator of this show, much like Matt was for the Hawaii season. Except I don't want to throw up when I look at Yes. David agrees to step up to the challenge, and then says, "I don't want him to hit me back." I think that violates the rules of boxing. David and Roy go off to get changed. David shows that he has some humility by saying, "This guy could literally rip my face off with two punches. I hope you guys put like a styrofoam pumpkin around my head." Yes shows his support by telling us that "Dave's going to get his butt beat bad." David gets his hand taped by some random guy, and starts imitating Mickey from the Rocky movies, which is actually pretty funny. When David isn't taking himself so seriously, he cracks me up.

Roy Jones, Jr. starts punching his own hand really hard with a boxing glove, and asks David if he hears that. This guy is really scary. Heather B. tells David she's rooting for him and tries to psych him up. Amaya tells us that Heather is the leader of her group and David says Heather's the "alpha female." Heather tells David he's the "great white hope" and then Teck gives him some boxing tips ("keep moving") and tells him he's the "great white hype." Well, which is it? David enters the ring and everyone cheers. Then some lackeys bring out a little plastic boxing game, which is what David and Roy are really going to play. Yes is disappointed because he wanted to see David get knocked out. The game starts and everyone cheers. David is still wearing his headgear for some reason. The head pops up on David's little plastic guy, but Roy Jones, Jr. agrees to give them their clue anyway.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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