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Previously on Inferno III: The Bad Asses won the Trampoline Challenge, and Kenny and Ace were both voted into the Inferno, seriously threatening the long-term prospects of the Challenge Boyfriend Derby. Both men decided it was high time they won a Life Shield. Oh, and it should be mentioned that the MTV promos during the week totally gave away almost the entire episode. Like they always do. Serves me right for watching the Real World Vegas Reunion primer.

Abe and Derrick (Derrick's on this show?) play pool and discuss how neither of them is about to sacrifice themselves to the Inferno for Kenny if they can help it. They both seem pretty annoyed at the idea, since Kenny has been sucking at challenges lately and they think he needs to "step up" or "man up" or "ball up" or whatever it is these guys do when they go all 'roid ragey in the Inferno. Abe, in particular, laughs at the idea of Kenny or Ace actually winning a Life Shield on their own. "Have you seen these guys?" he nearly shrieks. "They suck!"

Ace talks about how it'd be nice to make a good show of himself at one of these Challenges, for once. The Good Guys discuss who would go into the Inferno in his stead, Alton posturing about how he'd totally go in and how they can't send Timmy because he's their captain. Also because Timmy's 100 years old and might die in an Inferno. Kenny, meanwhile, repeatedly says that just because he's pretty don't mean he can't win a Life Shield. Preach it, honey. The challenge asks guy/girl teams of two to pull giant dogsleds with a guy and a girl from the opposite team sitting on them as dead weight. It looks hard. Most of the teams appear to perform similarly, although the BAs appear to be holding a slight advantage. Wee little Derrick tempts fate and a broken collar bone by running full-speed into the crossbar in order to build momentum. Out of nowhere, Kenny and Ev sprint down the course in about half the time of any other team. Their heat-mates, Ace and Cara, don't seem to do too badly either. Abe, in an interview, half-bitches and half-marvels at how Kenny was able to pull a great performance out of his ass now that said ass was suddenly on the line. Eh. I prefer the slacker smart-ass Kenny anyway, not that it isn't awesome to see him do well. Alton (with Paula) continues to not be the challenge Superman he's used to being, while Timmy (with Susie) has to forfeit his heat due to a pulled muscle or osteoporosis or something. It's given the operatic Joe Thiesman treatment by the editors, but that's not the half of the Timmy Memorial Retrospective. The Bad Asses win, and their Life Shield goes to Kenny, quite obviously. And the GGs' Life Shield goes to...Ace! YEAH!

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