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One Flew Over The Piggy's Nest

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One Flew Over The Piggy's Nest

Previously on Challenge 2000: Dan got swallowed up by Piggy's hair while trying to comfort her after she and Los-er lost the costume contest for the team. Piggy said that Los ruined her birthday. Los-er claimed he is a "straight-up, straight-out racist." Los-er refused to accept Veronica's apology. Piggy threatened Los-er and called him a prick. Los-er wanted to go stay in a hotel because he doesn't feel safe sleeping near Piggy.

We see a few shots of the water, and then see Dan and Holly returning from a run. Holly tells us that Dan is "an incredible team leader" and that he "brings this calmness to the whole group." Yeah. Los-er and Piggy have both been incredibly calm in the past few days. Dan does some crunches on a picnic table, and then they zoom in on his belly button, which grosses me out, but that's due more to my own personal issues with belly buttons than anything else. Dan says their team is sad, and he's going to go talk to Los-er because they "don't need any more drama." I'm sure the producers are glad to hear that, because it's not like they don't spend their nights dreaming of more conflict on this show. Oh wait, that's exactly what they do.

Piggy asks Veronica where Los-er went, and Veronica tells her he's at the Holiday Inn. In case we didn't get it, they show a shot of the Holiday Inn, but with the logo blanked out, like Veronica didn't just say it. Hey, what's that building with the fuzzy green and orange logo on the side? Could it be a Holiday Inn? Piggy claims that Los-er's behavior towards her and her castmates has been "rude, rude, rude," and she felt he tried to screw them over on purpose in the last mission. Then we see more shots of Dan working out, and Los-er in his mystery hotel room. Dan says (AGAIN!) that he is going to talk to Los-er, to try to come to "some type of agreement" so that the rest of the trip is "somewhat, like, manageable."

Over on the Real World bus, Annoying has gotten the latest clue. She keeps babbling about "the blank envelope" and should she open it, and does anyone want her to see what's in the envelope until Heather yells, "Amaya, come the hell on!" and everyone laughs. The clue tells them to "meet Dr. Bob at Nova Southeastern University" in one hour. Mike tells them they are only twenty minutes away. Heather worries that they might have to cut somebody open, since they are meeting a doctor.

More shots of the water, and then a horribly backlit shot of Dan driving off to go pick up Los-er. Okay, this next series of shots is possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a Bunim-Murray produced show, and you have to remember that I've suffered through all of Wonder Bread's antics. They cut between shots of Piggy sitting on a dock looking at the water, and Los-er sitting in his hotel room. Then Piggy hears a thud (the captioning actually said, "thud") and turns around, but there's nothing there. I guess they wanted us to think that Los-er was going to run down the dock and push Piggy in the water. Then it gets worse. They actually superimpose a picture of Los-er on the water while the Twanging Guitar of Castmate Conflict plays in the background. This happens not once, but twice. Piggy says that Los-er is threatened by her because she's "just like him, but lighter-skinned." I'm sorry, but could the producers be trying to play the race card a little harder? Except for a few comments by Los-er, we haven't seen a lot of evidence that this conflict has much to do with race, and yet they are making it out to be all about the color of people's skin, and I just find it offensive. Not that this show isn't usually offensive, but this is taking it to a new level.

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