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Once More, With Lack Of Feeling

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Once More, With Lack Of Feeling

Tyrie interviews that it sucks that the Denver cast provides the first cast-off yet again (we're reminded that Tyrie lost the first Inferno last season), and then T.J. brings his customary thinly-veiled-contempt to bear on Alex for quitting, which in this instance is represented by a half-hearted chest-bump. That's cold as ice, T.J. Lavin.

Back at the Villa, Robin explains to Katie her theory that, with the Challenge prize being winner-take-all, the guys have all the incentive in the world to throw missions during the girl Gauntlet weeks so as to get rid of all the seemingly weak girls and increase their chances of winning the final competition. It sounds paranoid, but that's...probably what's going to happen. Robin works Katie into a profane little lather, which admittedly is not hard, and they decide to threaten the boys with thrown missions of their own if they try anything funny. Robin interviews that she's been burned before, and now the only people she trusts are Brad and Katie.

That night (I...guess?), a drunk CT starts in on his team for all these mission-throwing whisperings. They don't really get into the merits of that, however, mostly because CT's too drunk to make sense. It's the usual posturing, slurring, Masshole bullshit CT always provides, and like the dutiful little enabler she is, Diem interviews all, "He's never like this at home! Honestly!" Johnny Bananas, however, says CT is the biggest scumbag on the show, and nobody trusts him. Later on, Coral's looking for trouble, as usual, and she finds it in a drunk ( and dismissive CT. She tells him he's acting like a dick (true) and he tells her she's looking for a fight (also true). He waves her off dismissively, which Coral doesn't appreciate, and she gets in his face, all "Don't you ever!" Everybody else is looking on like spectators at a gladiator ring, which this kind of is, in the arena of reality show drama queens. He threatens her with a Gauntleting for her insolence, and Coral, awesomely, is like, "A Gauntlet doesn't scare me. Even if I go home, it's not the end of my world." Then she calls him bipolar and stomps off. It's not a decisive victory for my girl, but not too many people manage to battle CT to a draw, so I'm giving props.

Diem then tries to get CT to go to bed, and you get the sense that this kind of approach usually works when they're at Sully O'Fighty's pub, but with the cameras rolling, CT's not about to get told what to do by his woman. He talks a ton of nonsense about the game and about protecting Diem and "when do I get mine?" (WTF?), and she finally has enough and stomps off into the kitchen to join the CT bitch session already in progress. Coral still has a head of steam about the whole thing, and while it seems like she's pissed at Diem by association, she ultimately agrees that Diem's not the boss of CT and that it's tough to reign in a "crackhead." She also, at some point, says CT can't read a book. Awesome.

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