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Once More, With Lack Of Feeling

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Once More, With Lack Of Feeling

Round 3. Angel points out how Alex is sucking ass, while Adam finally makes good on his big talk for once and sneaks a ball past a wall of Rookies. Alex, Derek, Rachel, and Tyrie get eliminated, as does Paula. So that's eleven Vets to five Rookies for Round 4. Janelle and Tori double-team Ev as the Vets take the bigger hit, losing Johnny, Adam, Katie, and Ev to the Rooks' Janelle and Ryan. Tori whoops it up kind of awesomely, and I think I may like her. Ev whines that the Vets aren't working enough as a team. Round 5: Beth sacrifices herself to save Robin, while CT and Evan outmuscle Nehemiah, which means the Veteran guys win. For the women, it's down to Tori versus Robin one-on-one. Tori's first to the ball, and while Robin tackles her, Tori muscles the ball away and the Rookie girls win. Which means a one-on-one tiebreaker will decide which team wins. The Vets send CT, natch, while the Rooks send Derek. Neither Coral nor I have much doubt in CT winning this thing, for reasons of athletics and mental instability. Derek's actually first to the ball, but that only gives CT a better angle for murderin', which he does, eventually getting the ball free and winning for the Veterans.

The Vets deliberate, quickly deciding to protect "dead weight" Ryan (thanks, guys!), then narrow in on Derek or Nehemiah to vote to the Gauntlet. Basically, they'd like to eliminate Derek, but they think he'll wipe the floor with whatever Rookie he goes up against, whereas Nehemiah...who knows? Coral verbosely announces the Vets' intentions, protecting Ryan and Gauntleting Nehemiah, who takes it well. He yells, "Throw me into the Gauntlet every time!" Coral: "We might!" Neh: "Forget what I just said." Heh.

Rather than deliberating, the Rookies seem to have decided to hand the decision of picking Nehemiah's competitor to...Nehemiah. Rachel interviews that she doesn't think this policy will hold up for much longer, but it works for now. Neh wants to face Alex, in part because Alex dogged it in the mud pit. The Wheel O' Stupid Games is spun and lands on "Force Field." God, I hate describing how these things work. Bungee cords are tied to their backs but wrapped around the field of play so that one guy moving forward pulls the other guy backwards. First to cross the other's line of demarcation wins. Alex boils his options down to Nehemiah giving up, fucking up, or beating him quickly so he doesn't have to roast in the sun. Alex already seems pretty over this. The Gauntlet starts, Melinda interviewing that the Rookies really can't lose Nehemiah. Beth, looking alarmingly red-faced, like she's Diane Ladd in Wild At Heart reminds us she's pulling for her bed buddy even though that's at cross-purposes with her team. "At cross-purposes with her team" really needs to be Beth's caption. After seventeen minutes, Alex just stands up and cedes the win to Nehemiah. I kind of don't like either of them, so it's not like I'd care anyway, but it's still an inauspicious start to the game. Kenny interviews that it would've been nice to keep Alex the Quitter around for the long haul, which perhaps will be a lesson not to always assume the skinny homo is the weakest link. One to grow on, meatheads.

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