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Once More, With Lack Of Feeling

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Once More, With Lack Of Feeling

Brooke then sets her sights on Ev, and before you can say "This'll get me some air time, right?" they're both making out in the pool. Evan then takes us on a guided tour of the Night One hookups: Ryan and Tyler (hell yes), Paula and Derek, Paula and Adam (get some, Paula!), Tori and Brad, Casey and Johnny Bananas, and Frank and Jillian who...can have each other. Evan and Kenny watching Ryan and Tyler make out ("Oh my God, they're killing each other!") is just priceless. Coral says she can't wait for the breakups, which will inevitably be better than the making out.

The next morning, CT, Brad, Katie, and Coral are all semi-conspiring about how to avoid being targeted as strong players. So...Katie is taking the minutes of this particular meeting, then? Coral thinks it's super important to win the first few challenges and set the "we can kick your asses" tone for the rest of the game.

The first competition involves a giant piñata suspended above a giant mud pit. Break the piñata and color-coded balls come flying out (if I had a dollar for every time I've written that sentence...), and you have to grab the balls and take them out of the pit. Anyone without a ball at the end of a round gets eliminated. So it's a piñata, plus the pit full of colored balls, with musical-chairs-style elimination. They've finally found a game that fits the collective maturity level of the participants! "Tackling is allowed," says T.J., which of course means, "Get ready to get drowned by CT and Danny, Rookies."

Tyrie interviews the importance of...winning. Insightful. Tyler them gives a bitchfaced interview about how the Vet guys are all cheaters and liars so this is a "good versus evil" affair, which...he had to be joking there, right? Because come on. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt (for now). So: balls are dropped. The first round eliminates Rookies Angel (who got her lunch money ball taken by Coral), Frank, Brooke, and Tyler (who made the supremely dumb decision to try to muscle a ball away from Evan), and Vets Kenny and Casey. Round 2 eliminates Rookies Zach, Johanna, and Jillian, and Vets Coral and Danny. Ev starts bitching about Coral not trying hard or something, and Coral hears her and can bitch even harder and louder. Ev couldn't beat Aneesa at that game last season; she sure as shit ain't beating Coral, who interviews that she doesn't give a shit how much Ev can bench press or whether the rumors about her having a penis are true, she will fuck her shit up. I don't know about the penis thing, but I'm thinking bitching out your teammates before the competition is even over is pretty stupid.

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