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Once More, With Lack Of Feeling

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Once More, With Lack Of Feeling

T.J. kicks things off with a tug of war to determine who gets first crack at the beds in their soon-to-be-trashed villa. And speaking of beds, Beth wants to share hers with Nehemiah. Gross, come on. So: they tug. The Vets, pretty clearly, have all the huge 'roid monsters, plus Eric as their anchor, while the Rooks have Tyrie, this Derek person, and...Tyler? I believe in the power of Ryan's good looks to conquer even that weirdo goatee he's got happening, but not so much in a tug of war. And, surprise, the Vets indeed take it, pretty easily. Much whooping is made, and Kenny offers the Rookie girls a spot in his bed. He is such a cartoon.

Later on, the Vets storm the villa, running around like the unbridled cokeheads they are. There is an Olympic-style pool out back, which is pretty sweet. Coral and Beth end up sharing a room together, which everyone finds pretty hilarious. Coral moans to Katie and Robin that she now has to wake up every morning to "Hatchet Face." Aw, I've missed you, girl.

The Rookies, meanwhile, have to sleep in this hut all crowded with bunk beds and one bathroom to share. There are bugs on the beds. ...Which will have to fight for their survival with the bugs currently inhabiting these people. It's like two competitions in one show! No wonder they expanded it to an hour. Between the eight bunk beds in one room and the bars on the windows, comparisons are made, not inaccurately, to a prison cell.

Partying ensues, people get thrown into the pool, believe it or not, and CT manages not to try to murder anyone within the first 24 hours. Weak. Zach thinks they're all family, which is stupid naïve, but that was kind of his deal during his season, right?

Okay, you and I need to talk about this next scene in private, because it's just that awesome. So Brooke obviously zeroes in on the closest homosexual in her general proximity (Ryan must've been in the can, because in this case it's Tyler) and she's telling him how she's been hurt by her boyfriends, blah-blah-blah, and now she's decided that she wants to date women, despite not really being attracted to them. "I need, like, an actual dick," she explains, "but I just can't deal with the person attached to it." Little cartoon hearts appear over Tyler's head, because everybody loves an unstable freakshow to poke for a few weeks. Indeed, Tyler interviews -- while spazzing around like fucking crazy and contorting his face into inhuman expressions -- that he was so psyched to meet Brooke because "she's batshit crazy." Which: why else would you want to meet Brooke? "And she's a lesbian now!" Tyler exclaims. "She seemingly woke up and was like, 'You know what? I'm a dyke!'" Yeah, I know I should hate him. Nevertheless...

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