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Off The Wall

Previously on Inferno III: Danny had he right idea, but his team, his materials, and physics itself all found him to be such a jerk that the Bad Asses lost the challenge anyway. He and Davis were both voted into the Inferno, and his lip herpes vowed to take it out on the entire Good Guys' team for their impudence.

Davis assures his team that he doesn't want to be swapped out of the Inferno this time -- he wants to win it. Meanwhile, the show tries to trade on Danny's mother's death to win him some sympathy back, but I'm pretty sure nobody's going to be falling for that again. Even Aneesa's like, "I feel for you dude, but..."

The challenge this week is a rock wall, but with pegs that can be pushed through to the opposite side. Guy/girl pairs have to communicate from opposite sides of the wall to negotiate who needs what peg to advance up the wall and retrieve a flag and then make it back down again. Tonya once again looks like she came to compete, as she and Abram kind of whoop ass. Alton, meanwhile, struggles when paired with Colie. And while she's the one who drops the flag, I don't think Alton was being as good a teammate as he could have been. I think if he'd have been willing to climb the wall slower and keep pace with Colie, they both could have made better time. Derrick and Janelle out-climb Timmy and Susie, with nothing much of interest happening in their heat. Ace (with Cara) and Kenny (with Jenn) share wall time and fight to see who can out-spazz the other. Ace, for once, actually prevails, although I think the extreme height differential between Kenny and Jenn may have played a part. Johnny and Paula are surprisingly awesome, while Danny once again sucks a fat one and Ev repeatedly interviews with her bizarre flat affect about how Danny's blowing it. Danny, if you can believe it, blames Ev entirely. Finally, Davis and Colie make it up and down the wall, but not quickly enough for a Life Shield. Those go to Abram and Johnny, and the Bad Asses win the challenge as a whole.

Before we get to the Inferno, it's time for the Challenge Boyfriend Update: Ace took the lead last week after his Air Supply stylings, but Kenny and Johnny Bananas remained hot on his heels. This week, none of them did much of anything, except for how Johnny kicked total ass at the challenge. Still...actual athletic merit? That's not what they came on this show for! But in lieu of any particular snarky commentary or arena rock ballads, Johnny re-takes the lead.

Okay, so the Inferno. Davis is out to prove himself, while Danny is out to make himself look worse than ever. He's written his mother's name on his cheek -- like, don't drag her into this, juicer -- and is generally attempting to reach Abram levels of intensity. Except whereas Abram is legitimately out of his mind, Danny's just...a dick. The Inferno challenge this week is, I am not even kidding, Duck, Duck, Goose with ladders. There's a raised platform with ladders on each end -- Danny and Davis start on opposite ends and race until one catches up with the other. Best two out of three. Davis takes to the ladders like a jungle cat of some kind and quickly gets the first tag. By the second leg, Danny is already visibly winded, and Davis easily takes him down. Inferno over: later, Danny!

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