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Novelty Checks All Around

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Novelty Checks All Around
Wow, guys. If you are anything like me you've spent all week... totally not thinking about Aneesa versus Tori at all. So here we are, in medias res, Aneesa and Tori in the Duel, working the ropes like true ladies. Both girls are exhausted, Rachel and Brittini are banshee screaming on the sidelines, and finally Aneesa wins. Oh, Brad's sad, and nobody likes to see Brad sad. He takes this opportunity to remind us all that it's now up to him to win them this money. Because, you know. He doesn't have a job. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, will someone please hire this guy? Tori gets a memory montage, all ice block riding and dry heaving. Good times.

Guy's Duel. MJ versus Brad. They're doing the thing where they have to each try to climb a pole while trying to knock the other off the pole. MJ needs the money for a new baby, Brad needs it so Tori will marry him despite his joblessness. This is super depressing, friends. They start, and Brad starts shimmying up like a cute, furrowing monkey. MJ's down below trying to grab Brad's shoe, but Brad shakes him off. Brad reaches down and knocks MJ down, and then it's just "fancy" camera work trying to make us think for a few more seconds that there's a contest at all. MJ never makes it back up the pole, and Brad wins! While we savor all being right with the world, Teej dismisses everyone from the styrofoam Duel set, saying "See you soon."

Aneesa interviews that Teej never says "See you soon" at the Duel. FORESHADOWING. MJ gets his memory montage, and says he's ready to go back to being a dad and husband now.

Back at the house, the boys stand around in that tiny room they all live in. Suddenly Teej walks in, and wow, it is weird to see Teej somewhere we are not expecting to see him. In every other case, Teej has clearly been sort of carried in and dropped off right on his mark, he stands there, delivers a few lines, and then somebody presumably comes and carries him back out like a cardboard cutout. But here's Teej, moving through space! He seems kind of confused about all this himself. As he leads the boys out of their room, he says "Come on in. Let's go." What? Teej clearly has no idea where he is.

Everyone's gathered in the main room. Teej congratulates them for being "the final 8." Various folks (Diem) shriek and freak out until Teej reminds them that only six people will play for the final prize. That means there's going to be one more Duel. They have to deliberate right now and pick one girl and one guy to go into the Duel; those chosen will then pick their competitors the next day at the Duel. The reason I love this is because clearly someone at MTV just didn't do the math right, and didn't plan enough challenges. So when they finished everything up and were left with "the final 8" they realized that eight is actually NOT six. So what to do? Send Teej in all confused and turned around, and declare an emergency Duel to cut the fat.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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