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Previously on the Challenge: Dan asked James who he wanted to "get some" from on the trip, and James said Rebecca. How romantic! James and Rebecca went out on a little date. The Real World team won $10,000 and flicked their tongues at the giant check, Julie more than the others. Then, of course, it is time for the scene which was never shown previously: Kameelah reads the next clue, which says that they are going to Montreal. Now, I love Canada. I do. I really do. But they scream and shout as if they won a trip to the fucking moon or something. Maybe I'm jaded, because I only live about three hours from the Canadian border, and have crossed it numerous times, but this seems out of control. ["I've never been to Montral but I hear it's a big drinking town. So...perhaps that's where they're coming from." -- Wing Chun]

It looks like the same night we saw last week. Members of the Real World team say goodbye to Rebecca as she heads down the street with James. There's a lot of "Be safe!" and if it were coming from anyone but Syrrhosis, I wouldn't make the safe-sex association, but it does, so I do. In an interview, Kameelah says she doesn't know what the romance is about, but James and Rebecca are always together. The RW team gets into a cab. Jamie was asleep or something when they were all saying goodbye, because he asks where James is. Julie explains that James and Rebecca are going off alone. Jamie looks confused. Kameelah voice-overs something about "good-looking people" and "an attraction," but she totally gets cut off in mid-sentence, so God only knows where she was going with that. James and Rebecca wander around the city. In an interview, Rebecca says that James is funny. Well, that will be put to the test later in this episode, I hear. They stop at a fountain, but James doesn't have any money to throw in to make a wish. In an interview, James says that he and Rebecca are not "on a boyfriend-girlfriend level" but instead, like to hang out together "in an intimate way." That totally makes it sound like they just like to get naked together. Which could be true, but it seems like it would be difficult to get privacy on the buses. James and Rebecca sit on the waterfront and discuss how they are happy. An ovary (tm Sars) warbles in the background. Cut to James and Rebecca in a shop of some sort. Rebecca says (according to the captioning), "Don't hide your inner desires." Is she reciting song lyrics? What does that mean? James is all, "Huh?" and Rebecca kisses him on one cheek, then the other, then on the lips. Whooooo! They totally freeze-frame just as she makes lip contact, so what could have been a peck is made to look much longer.

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