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Mud Mask

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Mud Mask

Previously on Challenge 2000: The teammates had to belly-flop into a mud pit, and the Road Rules team took the prize at the Redneck Games. The next clue said "36, 24, 36 hike! It's time to get defensive." David showed off his big, juicy, chess club brain by saying, "When I hear the clue, I'm thinking football." The teams had to travel to Tampa, Florida. Holly was really, really excited about that.

Wait, none of that was in the past tense. What is up with showing footage during the "Previously On" segment that did not occur in the previous episode? They always show the clue then. It seems like there should be some sort of law. Hey, did you know the Dust Brothers did the opening theme?

The teams have parked the buses in the "Green Acres Travel Park." David throws a football to Annoying. In her defense, it was a REALLY bad throw, all wobbly and stuff. She doesn't catch it, and jams her fingers. Annoying tells us that she doesn't "know yet how to throw or catch" a football, but she's sure she'll learn. Kat is also out there, and she throws a pass that is actually better than David's throw. David tells them to bring the ball into their bodies when they catch it, but doesn't explain why (to absorb the impact, and protect the ball). Yeah, my dad was a football coach. Anyway, David tells us he can hit "Mike and Teck and Heath-ah" with passes all day, and "dump a few off to the girls" and they will blow the other team out. David throws another one to Annoying, who practically bats the ball away and says "Ouch!" David tells her she "can't play like it's pre-school" and demonstrates how Annoying batted the ball away. Annoying says, "No, it's because I bent my fingers back, ca-ca." I hate her. Why would she say "ca-ca"?

The RR team notices the others practicing and start watching out their bus window. Annoying says she doesn't want them to see. Kat makes a nice catch. Veronica tells us that the RW team members have been "jackasses" since their last loss and haven't been talking to the RR team, so they "want to shut them out." Veronica tells her teammates that she wants to "whup them so bad." Yes agrees that he would like to "kill them" and "rock them" while staring at David. But there's no sexual tension there. Veronica tells us, "I would just love it if Amaya had the ball and I just ran up to her and tackled her ass to the ground. I would really get off on that." Yeah, you and all the horny male viewers. Catfight! Annoying tries to catch another ball but instead of moving towards it, she waits until the ball comes to her so that she is practically squatting by the time it gets there, and then drops it anyway, and then whines about how it hurt her hand. She gives women a bad name.

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