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Money Changes Everything

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Money Changes Everything

Various former Real World and Road Rules cast members are led into a stadium, blindfolded. Outside, a bunch of rent-a-cops guard an armored car. The armored car pulls onto a highway, followed by a white stretch limo. Jesus, Bunim-Murray just blew their entire budget on this opening sequence. Inside the limo, someone is covered with a blanket, and is protesting its getting pulled off. Oh, it's David from The Real World Los Angeles. See, he was making light of the Tami incident and...yeah, it's really not that funny. It wasn't not funny. David is wearing a truly awful red suit with a black shirt underneath, and introduces himself as Mr. Big, also known as David, who got kicked off The Real World. He's brought together six Real World cast members and six Road Rules cast members for a challenge. Aw, remember when they had to explain these things?

The opening credits start out with a cartoon Road Rules Winnie crashing into a cartoon Real World house. The contestants are introduced. For the Real World team, it's Beth from Los Angeles, Montana from Boston, Nathan from Seattle, Jason from Boston, Neil from London, and Janet from Seattle. For the Road Rules team, it's Mark from Season One, Noah from Northern Trail, Kalle from Islands, Roni from Northern Trail, Anne from Northern Trail, and Kefla from Australia.

The contestants are standing blindfolded in the middle of the stadium. Kalle says that she has no idea what's going to happen. Nathan can hear his teammates' voices, but he doesn't know who they are. In the limo, David gets a phone call and tells someone to put him on the stadium PA system. He tells the contestants to rip off their blindfolds and "find the golden dollar." A helicopter flies in, towing some sort of package. Mark explains that the package is going to drop, and that we're going to see "the fastest white man alive," referring to himself. I should admit right up front that I have a weakness for Mark because he looks and acts exactly like one of my friends from college. So when you're wondering why I'm not annoyed with him, that's why. I think he's funny. Nathan claims that his team is going to kick ass. Oh, we'll see about that, Nate-dawg. The package bursts open and tons of fake dollar bills go flying all over the place. The wind from the helicopter blades isn't helping. The team members run around trying to find the golden dollar. Maybe they should just look for the cameraman who is focusing his camera right on the golden dollar. Nathan finds it first. Jason explains that Nathan found it, in case we were struck momentarily blind in the past thirty seconds. Kefla says that he's "pissed off" that his team lost the first round, but guarantees that it won't happen again.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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