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Maybe the Cord Will Break

It's time for me to brush off my admittedly rusty Bunim-Murray Productions recapping skills, because this week was the premiere of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, or as they seem to be calling it, Challenge 2000. The show starts with a shot of two helicopters flying over an unnamed city, in a total rip-off of Apocalypse Now, but instead of playing "The Flight of the Valkyries," they are playing some MTV crap. Piggy is sitting there with a blindfold on, and she says she has no idea where she is. Mike wonders who will be on his team. Then we start the introduction of all the players. First up is the Real World team.

Kat from London finished college and moved to New York, but then two months ago, she moved to L.A. She also got a nice haircut, and looks great. David from Seattle also finished college at VMI, and then moved to France, and has recently returned to the U.S. Mike from Miami (yeah, I barely remembered him either) has been working as a private investigator. Teck from Hawaii says he "runs with money makers," which I think means strippers. He is also working on "top secret" things. Teck also got a haircut and got rid of that ridiculous goatee, and is looking much more normal, and less like a skeleton wearing a fright wig. Amaya has been "sitting on [her] ass, going to the beach and playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park," and she got a hamster. Have I mentioned how glad I am that she is on this trip? Rounding off the team is Heather B. from New York, who views this as a second chance and informs us that her music career is still going well.

Now we meet the Road Rules team. As I mentioned earlier, Piggy from Australia is on board. She is doing this because she needs the money, and says that in preparation she went to the gym twice. Dan from Northern Trails also finished college and has been interning at an advertising agency, and knows that he doesn't want to work in advertising. Los from "Season One" (which apparently didn't have a name) finished college and has been doing freelance photography. Holly from Latin America went back to the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she is majoring in journalism. Yes from the Semester at Sea has been travelling, and informs us that he broke up with Melissa. Veronica says she is scared of this trip because her Semester at Sea "disturbed [her] and stirred [her] up emotionally. "

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