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Match-Up Of The Century

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Match-Up Of The Century

So Ryan got saved last time and thus can't get saved this time. The Vets seem to want to game this so that Ryan won't get thrown into the Gauntlet anyway, because Sissy-Sissy Gaypants will apparently bring his team down at the final challenge. They think Derek won't send Ryan in if they choose him, so Paula (in order to keep Derek safe) has to pretend like she knows for a fact that Derek will defer to the team in that case, and the team will choose Ryan anyway. Got it? Meanwhile, Frank frets that his days are numbered. The Vets ultimately protect M.J. (because: who cares?) and send in Derek. Paula is distraught.

Back at the Rookie Cabana, Tori relays Derek's wishes not to send Ryan in, and Tori kind of backs the discussion right up to Frank's door. Frank attempts (once again) to make the "my arms are bigger thus I am more valuable" case for why they should send Ryan in. Ryan interviews that he hopes his alliance with the Austin girls (a-ha!) will help him. Unfortunately, the only girl who ever speaks up in these meetings is Tori, though she hates Frank anyway. Nehemiah says they can't really afford to lose anyone, so it's almost useless to argue anyone's respective worth. Out on the beach, it's revealed that Ryan is being sent in, and then we flashback to Tori voting for Frank while Melinda and Rachel show their true lowdown colors by voting for Ryan, who stops the rest of the voting because he can see where it's headed. Dude. Never trust an Austin cast member. They suck too hard.

The game wheel is spun to: Silders. The puzzle. Best possible option for Ryan, I'd think, even though they both interview that they suck at puzzles. Better than playing tug of war with the giant hoss, though. You can't recap solving a tile puzzle, so aside from noting that Ev assists Ryan while Paula helps Derek out, let's flash forward to the part where RYAN WINS! Nice! Suck it, Austin bitches! So the Rookies' biggest guy goes home and they're probably doomed to lose all their other missions. But Ryan won!

Derek gets a hero's exit, complete with tearful sendoff from his lady love Paula. They're both actual nice people, so I hope they can reconnect after the show. I don't think I've ever thought something like that watching this show before. Huh. How weird that Paula turned out to be a pretty cool human being. Of course, maybe not that surprising, since she didn't get cast (for Key West) because she was an asshole (like most of these people), she got cast because she was emotionally unstable. Sometimes, when the unstable people manage to get their shit together, they end up being decent people underneath. Like what happened to Ruthie. Don't ask me to explain how Derek made it through. I just finished learning his name. Predictably, Danny has to ruin my good mood and theorizing by giving a smug interview.

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