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Match-Up Of The Century

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Match-Up Of The Century

On the walk to the cabana, Coral threatens...someone (Evan?) to not even dare put her up against Beth. She interviews why: "She's got at least fifty pounds on me. Not to mention fifty years." It's like I don't even have to think of anything. Thanks, Coral! She goes on: "I am not trying to get fucking pushed into a wall. By my grandma. On steroids." Evan tries to make a case for feeding Coral someone she can beat. Diem, rather, says they should send someone who can beat Coral. Everyone eventually votes for Beth, who says she can't wait to break the news to Coral. She's seriously nuts, that one. If you offered her the choice between a million dollar check and the chance to antagonize another human being, you'd be left with a million dollar check in your hand. ...Hey, I like the sound of that. Coral curses out the guys on her team for not having her back.

The wheel spins to Ball Brawl, which has to be a little bit of a relief for Coral, since that's the one game where speed is valued over size. Coral then proceeds to freak out on her teammates for risking her in a Gauntlet against Beth. Coral's overestimating a few things all at once here, including her friendships with people like Kenny, the ability of people like Evan and Brad to stand up to the rest of the team, and the degree to which her team cares whether she sticks around or not. Hate to say it, babe, but they think you're just as expendable as the next double-X. Ryan thinks this is fucking awesome, for TV purposes alone.

So: Ball Brawl. With the footballs and all. Coral does not want to be the girl that lost to Beth. Beth, meanwhile, interviews that she and Coral inexplicably get along (when Coral's not ranking her out in interviews), and right now they both hate their team. They shake hands and begin. Coral expectedly wins the race to the ball and then it's just inch-by-inch towards the goal line. Point: Coral. Beth wins the race to the second ball and wins that point. Coral wins the race to ball #3 and once again endures Beth long enough to cross the line. Her team really does want her to win. Coral wins the race to ball #4, and at this point Beth looks pretty assed out. She knocks Coral down a couple times, but Coral eventually prevails. Thank God. T.J. does his usual appraisal of the competitors' values as human beings, saying Coral proved she wasn't all talk and Beth put up a good fight. Beth leaves comforted in the knowledge that Coral will be a huge bitch in her absence. Unlike the huge bitch she always is? Post-game, Danny interviews that he will personally see to it that Coral doesn't make it to the final challenge. By...getting his face caved in by a beer bottle? What are his talents again?

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