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Match-Up Of The Century

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Match-Up Of The Century

After the break, the teams get the challenge text message, and Johanna duh-terviews that she's cool with the Vets throwing the mission because it means the Rookie women are sitting pretty. ...Metaphorically speaking. The Vets do some dorky line dance as they approach the playing area, and T.J. explains the competition: teams will have to dismantle, move, and rebuild replica pyraminds. T.J. explains that these represent some or other temple in Chichen Itza, at which point Danny looks at him like, "I think we did shots of Chichen Itza last night." Beth interviews that she thinks the guys are gonna throw the challenge and send her to the Gauntlet. GOD WE KNOW. The guys, meanwhile, huddle together and are totally not suspicious at all. They're throwing this bitch. Get fucking on with it.

As usual with this show, the competition itself is a total bore, though I'll note that the pieces of pyramid look seriously heavy. The Veteran guys have seemingly decided not only to throw the mission, but to make it look like the girls are at fault while they do -- the plan being to carry shit around and yell at the girls for failing to "guide" them correctly. Kenny, as the promos have promised all week, declares that they're "making a complete debauchery" of the mission. They sure are. Carrying. Sweating. Glistening torsos connected to empty heads. Lots of Vet guys yelling at each other because they TOTALLY CARE and are DOING A GREAT JOB PRETENDING THEY WANT TO WIN! Danny jogs around the pyramid "twenty times" if you believe him. He can't believe the girls are so stupid as to not realize they're throwing this. Beth interviews that it's obvious the guys are throwing this. Sigh. Rookies win. Evan interviews that shit's about to go down now,

Comercials. Stop-Loss trailer. Snow Patrol. Tears.

After the break, Evan gives his milestone 500th interview in which he says the Vets are happy at the idea of losing a girl. Evan could do with being a whole fuck of a lot less self-satisfied right now. I mean, so could all of them, but I still have some hope for Evan. T.J. tells the Rookie girls they're safe and Coral delivers a hall of fame "mmm hmm" eye-roll. The Rookies deliberate. Nehemiah says to throw Ev to the Gaunlet, because she's stronger than half the guys and you have to hope you can get her out. Tori wants to send in Coral to get rid of the Vets' mouthpiece. They flip a coin like the total pussies they are. They eventually keep Casey safe (over Beth? Ouch) and send in Coral, who calls them all fucking assholes for flipping a coin rather than making a damn decision. Also for flipping the coin wrong. Ryan disappoints me by taking pleasure in Coral's suffering. I thought we are a team, us three!

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