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Match-Up Of The Century

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Match-Up Of The Century

Previously, the Rookies got an infusion of clown hair and Skoal when M.J. jogged his easily-sunburned ass across the beach and into their lives. Still couldn't help them win anything, which meant the Vets had to keep all those sucky loser girls on their team.

In the morning, at the pool, the vaunted brain trust of CT, Danny, and Evan discuss their most favorite of topics. "Superdelegates?" you say? No! How much their girls suck and how they need to throw as many missions as they can to get rid of them. Hey, Bunim-Murray, nice job changing the rules of the game so that nobody has an incentive to win anything until the final week. Evan and Danny take turns interviewing, finding different ways to insult their female teammates, while CT just wears that ridiculous hat and keeps from getting heat stroke, I guess. Not that it would affect his personality one bit, of course.

Elsewhere, in a really poorly synched-up sequence, Frank manages to be actually funny, saying he was up last night and saw "about six That Guys" talking about getting rid of the Vet women. He basically interviews that if the Vets want to throw them missions every other time, he's perfectly fine with that. Damn, Frank, complete the thought! They're throwing girl Gauntlets. They're still fixing to kick your tails during weeks when your ass is on the line.

Meanwhile, the Vet girls aren't stupid. At least, Coral, Katie, and Ev aren't. They suggest telling the guys that they'll throw guy Gauntlet missions if the guys fuck them over. Katie also interviews that you never know if the final mission may value more team members -- she says "fourteen brains are better than seven," but when the brains you're talking about include Beth's, Danny's, Robin's, and Brad's, I think the math may not work out. Because none of them know what math is. Later on, poolside, CT drunkenly pontificates and talks in circles about "trimming the fat" while his team sits around and silently resents him. "Silently," that is, until Katie gets fed up and tells him to shut the fuck up. She goes from zero to freakout in about half a second and starts screaming about how CT's a liar and nobody trusts him and everybody would rather he weren't there. But with a lot more "motherfuckers" and flippings of the bird. God help me, I love Katie so much. You deserve a cigarette after all that exertion, sweetie, let me light it for you. CT, meanwhile, sits back and laughs all, "What did I do?" because he's the kind of asshole who will poke and poke and poke until you flip out, and then he tells you to calm down because you're acting crazy. And then he will punch a policeman's horse.

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