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Match Point

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Match Point

Previously on Inferno III: rail carts and more dudes with upper-body strength led to a Good Guys win, and Jenn and Susie were once again voted into the Inferno. They were both kind of over it, but only Susie acted like an entitled princess about it. And then Jenn talked mad shit about her, which was fantastic. Always good when the emotionally unstable manage to be entertaining.

Here is my recommendation to you, regarding the credits: do yourselves a favor and pay close attention to when Colie and Johnny Bananas are featured together. He clearly cannot stand her, and he doesn't mind showing it. Yes, I do still enjoy humor at the expense of Colie even though she's been gone for about a month now. And?

Susie and Cara conspire and solidify their resolve to make it to the final challenge together. I'm very curious to see how Cara plans on actually winning once that final challenge comes, or does she expect Ace or Alton to just carry her ass over the finish line? Elsewhere, Derrick and Jenn are cuddling out on the patio talking about her situation as an Inferno nominee. Are they a thing now? An item? That'd be adorable! They're both the same height and neither can handle their liquor. Jenn says she thinks she's earned her spot and wants to be the new girl that wins the challenge. When the teams get their Product Placed Text Messages for the next day's competition, Ace does a little chant and a running man, which you'd think would easily push him to the front in the Challenge Boyfriend Derby, but Ace also spends the entire episode bloated, badly sunburned, and even dumber than he usually is. So we're suspending the contest for a week so he can shape up.

The competition...okay, here goes: each team gets a series of wooden giraffe statues enclosed in locked wooden cages. Across a pond are another collection of wooden giraffes, containing an identical match for each of the caged giraffes. Team members must retrieve the match for their designated giraffe, take the key from around its neck, and unlock the cage in under thirty minutes. Janelle and Alton start, and Janelle impresses herself (and, okay, me) by keeping up pretty well with Alton. She also manages to choose the correct giraffe on the first try, so she's finished pretty quickly. Alton can't find his matching giraffe at all, so he burns through his thirty minutes while Ace sits on the sidelines and bitches to Bananas about how everyone's always falling at Alton The Challenge God's feet even though he's kind of sucking the bag lately. Abram, Davis, Aneesa, Jenn, Tonya, Susie, and Derrick finish the course without much fanfare. Cara, who is throwing the challenge for Susie or hadn't you heard, makes a big annoying show for the cameras about how she's obviously throwing the challenge. She horses around with Kenny, she stops moving for no good reason, she "falls" down at one point -- it's seriously pathetic, and I can't imagine how this doesn't drive her teammates absolutely bonkers.

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