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Love and Foosball

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Love and Foosball

James and Rebecca cuddle on the bus. James says that love is "a gamble." In an interview, James says that Rebecca has "a peaceful zest to her." Is that like lemon zest? In an interview, Rebecca thinks that James is sweet and gentle, and that they make each other happy. An ovary sings, "Yours for the taking. Take me in your arms." We see the montage of James and Rebecca Hanging Out. The whole time, they kiss once. Not even on the lips. There's a lot of sleeping with James's head in Rebecca's lap. So scandalous! Although, since they are both veterans of these shows, I'm sure that they know how to hide from the cameras when they want to be alone.

Next week: the teams learn how to survive in a compartment on a submarine while it's flooding. There's a lot of water coming out of pipes. Oh, God. That would be my worst nightmare.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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