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Love and Foosball

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Love and Foosball

It's time to award the prizes. Kameelah expositions (and she is apparently this season's Msaada) that they all lined up behind their own "personalized Nikes," but some of the shoes had envelopes in them. Brian McBride tells Team Yellow that they have "a little something extra in their shoes." They grab the envelopes and pull out money -- they each get $1000. I was wondering how they were going to work the prize thing. Laterrian says that is was "a stab to the heart, and to the wallet." What's with Laterrian deadpanning the jokes this week? He's almost…funny. James thanks the crowd for coming out. Heh.

Dan is talking to Rebecca on the bus about James, of course. Dan babbles about how James is respectful of Rebecca, and he's "not bad looking." Dan wants James so badly. Dan tells Rebecca that James wants something more from Rebecca, but he's happy to keep it where it is if that's what she wants. In an interview, Dan says that James is definitely "sexually attracted to her, but who wouldn't be? She's gorgeous, she's brilliant, she's funny." The shirt Dan was wearing in that interview? Belonged to James. I'm just saying. Dan continues to sing James's praises to Rebecca, who blushes. Dan tells Rebecca to "do what is right." In an interview, Rebecca says that James makes her happy, and maybe she should try. Can I just say that we barely saw her having doubts about the relationship in the first place? Stupid editing.

More cheesy sunset footage. God, what's up with that? James and Rebecca walk through a field together. James tells Rebecca that he's trying to change, but it's hard to do on the road. Rebecca says that "relationships are so intense," because of the exposure. In an interview, James says that he can learn a lot from Rebecca, and she's "different in the ways that I want to improve my life." James hands Rebecca a dandelion gone to seed, and they make wishes before blowing on them. James sure is doing a lot of blowing in this episode. In an interview, Rebecca says that James is different from her initial impression. She thought he was "fratty," but instead he "likes kids, and he's very sensitive, and he's religious." And gay.

The next morning. Or is it? Laterrian tells Syrrhosis about some "lovebirds getting together." Syrrhosis has no idea who Laterrian is talking about. Seriously, is Syrrhosis on the same trip as the rest of them? Laterrian predicts that "some things are going to happen."

Okay, this next sequence is very confusing to me. I don't understand what is going on. Kameelah says that she doesn't want to go to "the room" because she thinks that "something dirty is going on." The other girls scream. Cut to James in bed, and then waking up. Rebecca is in the shower. In an interview, James says that he and Rebecca "like hanging out together in an intimate way." In an interview, Rebecca says that it looked horrible. James says that he was in bed, and Rebecca was taking a shower. Rebecca is blushing. Back on the bus, Julie, Susie, and Kameelah decide to go to the room to take showers. Kameelah thinks it's "kind of scandalous" that no one can find a key. They set off across the parking lot, and encounter Rebecca coming back. Rebecca says that she was taking a shower, and Julie screams, "I knew it! I knew it!" Rebecca's all, "What?" and Kameelah tells her to walk away. Rebecca doesn't get it. Okay, so this is what I got out of that: the teams had one hotel room for all of them to share, and use its shower facilities. James slept there. Rebecca went to take a shower, and everyone started gossiping that maybe something more was going on. But Rebecca looked legitimately innocent -- I really don't think that anything happened. Yet. I don't know.

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