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Love and Foosball

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Love and Foosball

After the ball is put into play, people kind of run around like maniacs and try to kick the ball. James is in goal for Team Yellow, and Jamie is in goal for Team Black. Does it make sense to have your strongest player in the goal? Maybe. James recovers the ball and tries to set it up to pass it to someone. He kicks it out, and Laterrian immediately returns it back into the goal, scoring a point for Team Black. Laterrian says that he's "using the flying crane technique," totally deadpan. James yells at Christian, saying that Laterrian is "pushing [him] around." Christian ignores him. Good for Christian. Kameelah scores a goal for her team, mostly because James came all the way out of the goal. Good one. Team Black is up two to one. In an interview, James compares the game to "youth soccer league," where everyone crowds around the ball and "suddenly it pops in a goal," and that person thinks he or she is a hero. He kind of has a point, but maybe he shouldn't come so far out of the goal. Also, it's kind of difficult not to crowd the ball when the playing field is so small. In an interview, Rebecca says that she has to shoot. James shouts encouragement to Rebecca. Someone makes a shot at the goal, and James dives for the save, and then scrambles to his feet and blocks another shot with his chin. In an interview, Rebecca says that she was impressed with his skills. They actually do an instant replay (complete with Instant Replay Graphic Del Fuego) of James blocking it with his chin. Dan and Syrrhosis battle it out as Jamie tries to recover the ball. He finally kicks it out, and it rebounds off Emily's leg and into the goal. In an interview, Emily says that Jamie kicked it as hard as he could, and she blocked it, and it went straight into the goal. We see another Instant Replay. Emily concludes, "Sure, I meant to do that." Heh.

The ref, who I think might be A.J. Benza, or perhaps his younger brother, tells us that the score is Yellow 1, Black 2. Christian switches with Dan so that he's closest to the goal, but he's also matched up with Syrrhosis, who weighs about twice as much as Christian. They trash talk a little bit. I hope Christian doesn't accidentally say something offensive. Dan and Laterrian push each other around. Well, actually, Laterrian pushes Dan around. A lot. In an interview, Dan says that he got to know what James was all about a little more from playing alongside him. We see James cheering Dan on. Rebecca says that the encouragement helps a lot. In an interview, Rebecca says that James "compensates for his insecurity socially with his complete ability physically," and that James bases his achievements on winning and losing, but she finds his "lack of assurance endearing." Susie boxes out Rebecca, and Rebecca says, "Crazy, man!" Hey, Susie came to play! Rebecca shoots it past Jamie for a goal, so now the score is tied at two. James yells out, "That's a goal, dude. That's a legitimate goal, baby!" Shut up, James. Oh, but no. In an interview, James says that if he knew that Rebecca was "the best girl out there," he would have chosen her first. Well, thanks, Captain Obvious. Moments later, Rebecca scores the winning goal for Team Yellow. They all hug. James says that he was "stoked for Rebecca."

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