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Love and Foosball

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Love and Foosball

Kameelah expositions that they are ready to play soccer, but there is "a kink in the plans." They get back on the buses and go to a new field. In an interview, Susie says that she didn't know that so many people came to the missions. Yeah, like B/M didn't publicize this event to the hilt. We see medium-sized crowds cheering the arrival of the teams. In an interview, James says that they saw this inflatable, rectangular ring. Brian McBride calls for "captains from each team." Jamie steps up, wearing a ridiculous Afro wig. Why would he wear that? It's got to be pretty hot. Michelle explains that they're going to be playing "human foosball," where they are tied to ropes in the ring, and can only move side-to-side. You know, like foosball. In an interview, Rebecca says that it looks like "a sick human experiment." Brian McBride explains that the captains have to pick teams consisting of "three Road Rules, three Real World on each team, three girls, three guys on each team." Susie calls it "a horrible twist." Julie (now with red hair) says, "What the heck?" They keep explaining how the teams are scrambled up, like we couldn't get that from Brian McBride's explanation. Susie refers to it as being "stuck with the enemy." Yeah, unlike all of those times on the bus, when they were hanging out with the members of the other team.

The teams ask questions about the rules. McBride says that the first team to get three goals wins. They ask about prizes, and one of the women coaches says that they'll find out later. In an interview, Laterrian tells us again that they're "mixing up teams." James is one of the captains, and he picks Christian first. I never noticed how short Christian is before. Jamie picks Syrrhosis. In an interview, Rebecca compares it to picking teams in gym class, and says that they went with "the bulk, the brawn." James picks Dan as she says that. Ha! Rebecca ends up on James's team, and they get yellow jerseys. The other team gets black jerseys. I'm trying to figure out who is on which team, but it's impossible. I guess they'll tell us later. In an interview, James says that he feels bad about not picking Rebecca first, but it's "a physical game," and she sometimes likes to "take it easy." Okay, here are the teams. Team Yellow: James (captain), Emily, Julie, Rebecca, Christian, and Dan. Team Black: Jamie (captain), Laterrian, Susie, Kameelah, Michelle, and Syrrhosis. Well, at least Emily and Michelle aren't on the same team, so I'll be able to tell them apart. The team members get strapped onto the ropes. It looks like there are two people on each row -- one from each team. Not exactly how foosball works, but whatever.

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