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Love and Foosball

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Love and Foosball

In an interview, Dan says that "James could make a competition out of tying his shoes," and then launches into a James impersonation that involves sticking out his tongue, making devil horns with his hands and saying, "Dog" and "Beat your ass." It's incredibly accurate. If you had any doubts about Dan's intentions, I think the background music for this scene is "I Want Candy." James picks up the bubble wand but he does that thing where you don't get enough soap on the wand, or blow too hard, and end up with nothing. Dan thinks he won, but James tries to claim that it was just a warm-up. Dan chases James through the bus. Where the hell is everyone else at this point? Back at the table, Dan prepares for his turn. James keeps babbling about how it was just a warm-up and says, "Drama queen, don't build this up." Dan rolls his eyes dramatically and says, "Oh, you did not just call me that." Dan is cracking me up in small doses. Dan, of course, blows multiple large bubbles on his attempt.

Dan and James go outside. James can't believe that he agreed to this. Dan is wondering where everyone is. James keeps bellyaching about how he can blow a bubble better. Dan tells James where to run. While Dan is pointing out the route, James drops trou and takes off. As we see him running naked, Dan says in an interview, "Every once in a while, you see this little glimmer of who James really is. He just needs a little encouragement." Oh. My. God. Could they be trying any harder to intimate that James is closeted? That is so funny. The best part is that if James watched this episode, he totally wouldn't get it. Dan runs onto the bus where a naked James dives into a bunk. Dan announces to James that "Machiavelli once said, 'The ends…the end justifies the means.'" In other words, Dan's psyched that he got to see James's ass. We close with a shot of James's picture on the side of the bus.

Syrrhosis reads a text message aloud from the Nokia. It's something about going to an athletic field in Connecticut. In an interview, Kameelah says that they think the mission will involve soccer. Too bad the captioning identified her as Msaada. Dude, she's not even on the show! That's so wrong. In an interview, Susie says that she's the most excited about this mission because it's her first one. The two teams arrive at the field. Two men and two women are waiting for them. They are: Brian McBride, Sara Whalen, Lorrie Fair, and Brandon Donovan. I know nothing about soccer, so those names mean nothing to me, but they might to you, so there you go. In an interview, James thinks it's "trippy" that Brian McBride is there, because he used to play video games in his dorm room and he was "controlling Brian McBride on [his] joystick." Seriously. Someone get this boy some counseling. I just want him to accept himself for who he is. Back on the field, Brian McBride explains that they are there to coach the team. Lots of shots of people practicing soccer. James voice-overs that he was "stoked" because he played soccer for four years in high school. James and Jamie both do very well. Rebecca and Syrrhosis both praise Jamie's athleticism. Everyone tries to shoot goals, with varying degrees of success. Laterrian has never played soccer, and he thinks James will be the best one on their team. Rebecca says that James is really good. So, do you think James is good at soccer? What about Jamie? The female coaches comment that the teams are looking good, and that it could get "intense" later on. I don't think they were talking about the game, if you catch my drift.

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