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Love and Foosball

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Love and Foosball

Previously on the Challenge: Christian said they are all happy that Susie joined the team. James told Rebecca that he would rather win and break somebody's finger than lose, and Rebecca thought that their romance might not be "the match made in heaven." The episode description makes it sound like they're going to break up this week. Woo hoo!

Cheesy sunset footage. Emily, Rebecca, James, Christian, and Dan are eating at a restaurant. James is apparently eating the soup of the day, which looks like vomit. In an interview, Rebecca says that when she first met James, he used to make her laugh all the time, and then "he just changed." Trouble in paradise, see? Rebecca continues, saying that she and James react to things differently, and that James is much more competitive, and that she would rather pay "ten thousand Monster dot com dollars to lose well than lose like a baby." Why do they always have to call them "Monster dot com dollars"? That's so scripted. I'm sure she said that line just saying "dollars" and then the editors asked her to say it over and plug the sponsor. Plus, she just called James a baby. Hee!

In the restaurant, Emily answers a cell phone. It's Theo! James yells out, "Theoooooooo!" in the middle of the restaurant. In an interview, James says that he thinks Rebecca is sexy, and she "composes herself," and she's got great eyes. What is she, Beethoven? She composes herself? James steps outside to take the call from Theo, and manically paces on the sidewalk and into the street. He tells Theo that it's "swirling around weird, dude," and about his "semi-relationship" with Rebecca. James concludes that it's "kinda like day by day, dude, you know?" Now we know that Theo brings out the "dude" in James. In more ways than one. In an interview, James says that he's afraid of "blowing it." Oh, so many places I could go with that one. James tells Theo that he'll make him proud. Dude.

Purple sunset footage. On the bus, Dan and James are blowing bubbles. This is the same day as the first "James and Rebecca are in loooooove" episode, where Dan was asking James about Rebecca. Anyway, Dan says that it's impossible to be unhappy when you're blowing bubbles. That's kind of true, but I tend to think it's because you don't tend to start blowing bubbles when you're unhappy. Instead, you lie in bed and write in your journal and listen to The Cure. Oh, sorry. I had a teenage angst flashback there. Oh, who am I kidding? I wasn't cool enough to listen to The Cure. I probably listened to something like Debbie Gibson. In fact, I'm sure that's exactly what I listened to. Oh, what? This isn't about me? Sorry, I'm trying out for the role of "Julie the Mormon" on next season. Anyway, James turns the whole thing into a bet, and they decide that whoever can blow a bigger bubble wins. The loser has to run around both buses naked. Man, that Dan is clever. He must have seduced "straight" boys before.

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