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Ladder of Success

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Ladder of Success

Sean says goodbye to Becky. In an interview, Becky says that she believes in Sean and Elka. Mike hugs Becky goodbye. Becky tells him to win it for them. Norm and Sean hug. Sean says that the social director is leaving. In an interview, Norm says that if the RW team wins, he and Becky will take home another $2000, due to the money-sharing plan. Norm stands outside the door, and Mike jokingly shuts it in his face and tells him to get out of there. Norm starts pounding on the door and mock-sobbing.

Mike and Theo sit outside. Theo says that it's cool to see some people's competitive sides come out, like Danny's. Mike agrees that Danny and Kelley were the underdogs of the competition. Theo says that no one knew for sure what would happen, and that he remembers standing on the beach with all sixteen teams. Mike asks Theo whether there is anyone he would swap out for the final six. Theo says that there isn't. Mike says that he got the team he wants, and that it's a team he thinks can beat the RR team even though the RR team is in better shape. Mike thinks that if his team works "as a whole," they can beat RR. In an interview, Mike says his team has what it needs to win. Mike tells Theo that when the RR team was voting off the fourth-place teams, the RW team was thanking them. Okay, now Mike's kind of being a jerk. I kind of hope he loses. But that would mean that Hollywick would win, which would annoy me. Mike says, "Even though we're the team that you need to beat, you were beating yourselves." Okay, Zen Mike. In an interview, Theo says that the RW team doesn't have "the team soul" that you need to win, and that they're "not even the whole joke -- they're just the punchline." I hate both of them right now. Mike ask Theo, "If you put your three weakest teams against our three strongest teams, I mean, who do you think is going to win?" Maybe they will cancel each other out. I think Hollywick and Theo alone could beat all three RW teams combined. I wish Theo would actually say something back to Mike instead of just sitting there like an idiot...oh, wait. Forget I said anything.

Theo works off his frustrations in the weight room. He's shirtless, and pouring down sweat. In an interview, Theo says that he feels a lot of pressure, and that he's never put that much weight on his shoulders before, but he's willing to give it his best shot. The clever editors cut right from Theo talking about the weight on his shoulders to a shot of him lifting weights. Meanwhile, Sean is doing side stretches and he looks like the biggest wimp next to Theo. In an interview, Sean says that he would like the money and the handsome reward, and that he's confident he will take home the top prize. Oh, go jump some rope, Sean. Oh, wait. That's what he is doing.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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