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Ladder of Success

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Ladder of Success

The contestants enter the room to get the official word on who is going home. The RW team carry Becky in on their shoulders. Mark announces that Holly and Josh are going home. In an interview, Timmy says that they're happy to be in the Inner Circle. In an interview, Emily says that no one has a clue how motivated she is to beat the RW team. Mark asks Josh and Holly to come up front and say a few words. Everyone cheers. Josh says that they had good times and great people and exhorts the RR team to "kick some ass." In an interview, Dan says that Josh and Holly are great people, and that he's sad to see them go.

Eric announces that Becky and Norm from the RW side will be going home. In an interview, Elka says that her name was at the top of the board, and she's not sure how that happened. Yeah, me neither, since we've seen Elka say about two words this whole season. In an interview, Sean says that he never dreamed he could make it this far. Eric invites his castmates Norm and Becky, up to say a few words. Norm says how great it was to meet everyone. In an interview, Kelley says that she's going to miss them a lot. Becky tells the RW to win it for them. Kelley yells out, "We love you! We love you! We love you!" Norm gives another pep talk, and everyone cheers. Coral pretends that she's going to flash someone, but doesn't. Eric announces that the eliminations are over, and that the serious competition for the money will begin the next day. In an interview, Danny says that he and Kelley thought they would be one of the first teams to go home, and even told their friends that they would see them in a week's time. Mark wishes everyone luck, and there is even more applause.

Holly Not Wick, Josh, Dan, and Tara sit out on the patio. Holly says that there was a lot to enjoy, and sometimes with all the tension, she forgot that she was there to enjoy the experience. Tara says that she's glad she met Holly and Josh. Holly agrees, and asks what she and Tara would have done without each other. They bring up Belounatic, yo. In an interview, Holly says that she came into a game that can be ugly and mean and walked away a good and happy person, and someone who was kind to everyone around here. Josh says that their competition was top gun, so he's not ashamed to come in fourth place. Josh and Tara hug. In an interview, Holly says that this show showcases the two best people from every season. Or, the two people who needed the money the most. Or, the two people who were unemployed and could take the time off. Or, the two people who were the most desperate for some more camera time. Anyway, Holly calls it "the most intense competition that we've ever seen." Again, not so much.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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